About us

koi photo

Our fishes that are available for sale is breed by us. We have koi, goldfish, bettas, guppies and other ornamental fishes available. You can visit us at Purok Saranay Tawagan Norte, Labangan Zamboanga Del Sur. Postal code 7017 You can reach us through Mobile numbers: 09163363518
Our Koi fish pond, goldfish and other fishes.

Every now and then we take photos to our beautiful fish and garden pond, Have a look on some of the photos our koi were taken.

We will keep adding more photos every now and then to our pond, aquarium and other facilities.

Have a look around and enjoy the beauty of our fishes!

About our koi classification

We make sure that our kois are properly quarantine prior for shipment, so we will ship the fishes 3 days upon purchasing, since we will quarantine them for 3 days, quarantine method prior shipment is not feeding the kois and placing them to quarantine tank with high aeration.

Prior to selling we quarantine them 30 days from the mud pond and treated them with anti-parasites and bacteria.

We have different koi quality.

Pet quality
Regular or pond quality with a different variety of colors and patterns although they are the lowest quality but they are not culled they are still beautiful.

Premium quality

They are high grade with recognizable patterns.

Selected quality
They are similar to imported quality with nice and neat pattern and intense coloration.

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