Air Lift Pumps 18 Benefits

18 Reasons Why Air Lift Pumps Will Revolutionise Aquaponics.

Air Lift Pumps 18 Benefits, This  was written by Mr Murray Hallam from Team Economics Pty Ltd t/a
Practical AQUAPONICS. I would like to share to you guys the benefits that he had mentioned here below. I myself really love this technology, but I don’t have the full knowledge how to build it. I tried the simple designs that I had followed in youtube. I used recycled plastic soda bottles and other recycled material to build my airlift pumps.

18 reasons why air lift pumps make so much sense and why you should seriously consider this methodology for your Aquaponics system. (Yes your home Aquaponics system will benefit as well)
Here is the list.

1. No more submersible pumps.
2. Lower install cost.
3. No need for additional Earth Leakage Safety cut out switch. (GFI outlet) Higher safety threshold.
4. So simple even school children can do the install.
5. Virtually maintenance free.
6. No moving parts. K.I.S.S.
7. Easily pump solids.
8. Stock separation.
9. Increase water lift.
10. Save electrical energy cost.
11. Go way beyond common lift provided by a regular submersible.
12. Pump higher than ever before.
13. Turbo drive your water pump.
14. Turbo drives aeration.
15. Verticals easily supplied, such as Zip Grow towers or Greenlife Pocket towers. (this feature alone is amazing)
16. Repair and replacement costs greatly reduced.
17. Very long service life.
18. Never run dry.


Photo was taken from

Air Lift Pumps

Air Lift Pumps

airlift pump I am so amazed in this technology since it can pump water for 10 thousand liters per hour by just using a 20-watt aerator. I tried copying other airlift designs the simple designs but the output is not as efficient as this design below.  I am so fascinated on this but I haven’t had time yet to make this project.


This are some of the DIY airlifts pumps that I had created below:




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