Author: Giovanni Carlo

I am koi fish keeper and breeder blogger. A father of beautiful baby Carly and gorgeous loving wifey Maybel. My passion is not limited to koi fish only, but on other fishes too, goldfish, betta, livebearers, cichlids etc. I want to share my knowledge with fellow enthusiast and others who want to get into the hobby too. I love DIY projects and recycling most of my koi pond equipment and setup are made up of recycled and indigenous materials. I love gardening, cooking, cooking, reading fairy tales, fables, koi book and other fish keeping books, travel, good movie listen to oldies but goldies music.


koi feeding guide how much to feed koi koi feeding guide. Like a human baby, a Koi can grow and reach full potential only if it is fed properly. Koi are hearty eaters, but the water temperature can affect their appetite. Water in the pond should be around 15 degrees Celsius to allow the young…

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Koi buying tips koi buying tips. It is exciting to choose and purchase your first Koi, but do not be too quick in deciding where you will go for this transaction. If you have done your homework, then you know about Koi behavior and care. What you now need to decide is what type of…

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