Breeding Koi for Profit

Breeding Koi for Profit

Breeding Koi for Profit

Breeding Koi for Profit Breeding Koi can be both fun and worthwhile especially when money is involved. Who doesn’t love extra cash, right? With a lot of time, money, patience and dedication, you could very well be on your way to creating your own personal gold mine. There are some critical steps involved in breeding Koi, and for the average person it may be a turn-off, but for someone who understands the full financial gain, this is only a small sacrifice to score the “big win”.

It would be ideal to keep in mind the saying that, “Nothing happens overnight”. This is so true. Like with most things, breeding Koi is going to take real time and real dedication. This is definitely not one of those projects you want to jump into headfirst, not if you still want your head at the end anyway. Set realistic goals, so at the end, whether the result be good or bad, you are not left totally disappointed.

Money, money, money and plenty of it. The goal here is to make money, but when starting a business venture, a lot of times you have to put out a substantial amount of money in order to get a huge return later and this also applies to breeding Koi. Koi, unlike the usual fish we hear about are very expensive to breed. You want to ask yourself questions like: Can I really afford to breed Koi?, If so, how many?, What colors will I breed, What do I want them to look like, About how big will I want them to get, and if you don’t already have a Koi pond or don’t feel the one you have is big enough then another question may be “Where will I store them?” If you can answer these questions, then very soon you will be in business. Be well prepared financially to bank roll this idea because between purchasing the mating Koi, Koi’s food and equipment, you very well may be on the road to shutting down your business before it ever gets off the ground.

Do research. You probably didn’t get up one morning and decide you want to breed Koi. There are plenty of other people who are breeding Koi or will do so in the future, so read about breeding Koi from others like yourself who are either already doing it, or may know someone who has done it; this will prevent some major mistakes on your part and save some of that money that breeding is supposed to bring in for you. Practice and studying does make perfect. You might even want to frequent Koi breeding forums on the internet. As computer savvy as you are, I am sure you will find everything you are looking for right on the internet.

Breeding Koi for Profit No one knows what type of outcome you are expecting, except you and since you are the one executing, it will get nothing less than the best effort that you can put forth. Stay ahead of the game. You may not have initially began this venture with an interest in breeding Koi, but most often you will find money is an incredible motivator. Whatever you do don’t gibe up. The best jobs are those where you can have fun while you work, so be persistent but find newer and more fun ways to accomplish your goal, and in this way, you will be able to stick around and watch your investment grow right before your very eyes.

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