Buy a Baby Koi

Buy a Baby Koi

Buy a Baby Koi


Buy a Baby Koi  why not, it’s a wonderful pet to you and your kid, teach your kid how to raise up such a pet, let your kid know about the sea life and how those fish can be raised, breed. A lot of fun you and your family will have and a lot of information and knowledge you will acquire too and will teach your kids.

Well, a baby koi won’t be that expensive, a sum of several dollars would get you a nice colorful baby koi, though if you tried to begin with a little older koi so to quick the time remaining for breeding, it would cost you some more money reaching hundreds of dollars sometimes.

But the baby koi, won’t stay that small for ever, koi grows to reach 3 feet sometimes, therefore koi isn’t that type of pet you can keep in a tank indoors, as the koi grows it needs a lot of room, pond in your back yard would then be good enough for it may be, sufficient room has to be considered for each koi you have and this pond wouldn’t be just a hole in the yard, you wont just dig a hole and fill with water and that’s it, it has special way to design and build and some equipment will be needed too while raising up your new pet.

Good care should be taken of the water those babies are staying in, clean and fresh environment is the one expected if you are seeking in return a healthy, shining, glaring koi growing up in your house, well this goes on when raising up any pet I suppose!

A koi, as other pets, can have its own bought food or you can serve some of your remaining food, like bread, peas, etc. Your kois would also eat any plant found in the pond! Though they seem always to be hungry but overfeeding really affects their health negatively. Taking the utmost care while dealing with your Koi is very important to the lifespan that each of them may have.

If you managed raising up your koi for some years, till reaching the right age for breeding, then its time to gain some profit either a money profit by selling some baby koi or more baby koi is added to the fortune of kois belonging to you and your family, you have planted the seed by taking care of your koi all this time and here is you harvest.

Breeding occurs nearly at the age of 4 years, before that age the koi is not sexually mature enough and if much older than this, also won’t give the expected results, reproducing is not that easy at old ages. Usually breeding occurs between one female koi fish and 2 male koi fishes. It is better to separate other koi fish that aren’t going to breed for more concentration and focusing between the breeding kois. So breeding is better to be done in a separate pond or at least a separated part of the pond.

After breeding operation, the pond would be so cloudy and smells unpleasant, this is expected, you should take care of cleaning it and refresh the water. Koi females are to lay thousands of eggs which have to be separated from adult kois to save them from being eaten. Baby koi has to be feed around five times daily for the first few months.

I see it an interesting and useful pet, expect your kid’s friends to be asking for a show for the koi or even their parents would like to buy them some of your newly born koi. After the first generation of kois you will get used to it and you will understand why some hobbyist had that fever of koi’s color patterns and spend a lot of time, effort and money to find what they are dreaming of.

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