gosanke koi fish meaning

gosanke koi fish meaning

gosanke koi fish meaning

Gosanke koi fish meaning Showa. The Showa koi, otherwise known as the Showa Sanshoku, are considered one of the Gosanke (meaning “big three” in Japanese), along with Kohaku and Sanke koi.

Gosanke refers to the “big three” varieties in koi of: Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, and Showa Sanshoku. It’s actually a recycled term that originated during feudal times in Japan to denote the three branches of the Tokugawa families; the shogunate which ruled Japan from 1603-1868 AD.

This word comes from the three families of the Tokgawa house in the Edo period (1603 to 1869). It means Triumvirate, the big three.

GO means honourable
SAN means three
KE means family

The families’ names are Mito Tokugawa Ke, Owari Tokugawa Ke and Kii Tokugawa Ke’

I had done my research because some koi hobbyist are confuse about gosanke as just one type of koi variety.

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