how to breed koi fish in the philippines

how to breed koi fish in the philippines

how to breed koi fish in the philippines

Here is a video to the step by step koi breeding in the Philippines

It’s easy to breed koi  here in the Philippines since we don’t have four seasons and there are enough live foods available the whole year round to feed the koi breeders. The only problem here is most of the breeders don’t have the resources to set up their breeding nurseries and they don’t have the technical know how, like for example, harvesting pituitary gland for artificial breeding,  etc, What they know is how to breed them naturally  and these are the usual steps they do.

  • Choose one matured female 3 to 4 years old, but some even use one year old breeders, because, they don’t know that these will affect the mortality rate of the offpring they only have the idea that they are ready to spawn because the female have swollen tummy and the males have sperms when check.

Separate the female from the males and feed them live foods most common live foods given to them are mosquito larvae, daphnia, earth worms and snails,

After a month or less than a month when they noticed that the female tummy is swollen nnd soft when touch they usually breed it already.

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