How to feed the koi

How to feed the koi

How to feed the koi

how to feed your koi

It is better to decide a certain place for feeding your koi They will gather when they hear your footsteps. A flat feeder is good for the bait which sinks to the bootom. It is necessary for a pond with a Y shaped bottom. You can enjoy feeding koi more with floating koi food on the surface. As koi gets tame easily, you may enjoy hand feeding them. then you will love them more.


Amount of koi food to feedAmount of koi food to feed

Koi should not over eat. Thirty minutes of feeding them is enough. The amount of koi food depends on the structure of a pond, the way to control it, the number of koi and their size. Their appetite is influenced by their health, especially by parasites Argulus and lernea by weather and climate In the summer they have a strong appetite but in the winter they hibernate and do not eat much food is necessary no breed koi large in a short time as koi cannot eat much at a time they must be fed often.






time-to-feed-koiTimme for feeding koi
As koi do not have organs equivalent to stomachs, they cannot eat much at a time. Therefore they must be fed often, a small amount at a time, in order to grow large. However, in this case the number of koi should be small and water must be well-controlled. Most beginners keep too many koi, but are not good at controlling theri ponds. If they feed their koi much, they may kill them owning to oxygen shortage. Generally it is safe to feed koi only twice a day, about ten o├žlock in the morning and one oclock in the afternoon.








Kinds of koi food

different kinds of koi food
Koi are polyphagous and eat everything that we eat, bread, fish meat, beef, chicken, shellfish, etc. koi food are grouped into the natural food, the artificial food, the vegetable food and the animal food. Koi’s color is carotin pigment. Rutine for yellow and Astaxanthin for red are especially important. The fish food which contains them is highly prized for coloring. For example, chlorella containing Rutine and spirulina containing Diastaxanthin are valued. Green vegetables such as cabbage, watermelon and green pepper which contain Rutine are preferable used as natural food. A live shrimps and crabs which contain Astaxanthin are loved as animal food. Earthworms, clam and other shellfish are often used pupae and cooked wheat have been generally used from old times. Some koi keepers make paste bait mixing various materials. Recently pellets and floating koi food which contain coloring matter are manufactured and sold. There are crumble and powdered koi food for baby and small koi fish.As therer are various fish food, it is desirable to mix some of them on feeding koi instead of using only one kind. The ratio of the vegetable koi food to the live koi food is 6 to 4. In the winter the digestible vegetable koi food is suitable.


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