how to collect daphnia eggs

daphnia magna
Photo by dullhunk

how to collect daphnia eggs

how to collect daphnia eggs. All you need to do is

  • scoop or suck some mud/sediment/sand out
  • spread it thinly on a ceramic/metal/plastic plate or bowl
  • and leave it to dry in a warm dry place for a week or so.
  • When fully dry just scrape it off, put in a plastic or paper bag
daphnia magna
Photo by NTNU, Faculty of Natural Sciences

For old culture tank instruction

This is for tanks or tubs that have been culture for months or years already.

Video sample of old culture tank

  • If you get a couple spoonfuls of sand and add to the tank then stir it up
  • rub the gunk/algae/sludge loose from the bottom of the tank.Like washing a pot or the dishes.
  • Then wait a week and syphon it out(or do a water change and collect the sediment that way) it should have a few eggs in.
  • Sort of clean the tank but let it all settle then collect it later on.
  • Waiting a week or maybe 2 should be fine because the tank is old.
  • Then it will take another 1 or 2weeks to dry on a plate/bowl.
  • It must be very very very dry or it rots/fungi/mould

This is the video on how to harvest daphnia eggs below


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