Koi buying tips

Koi buying tips

koi photo Koi buying tips
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koi buying tips. It is exciting to choose and purchase your first Koi, but do not be too quick in deciding where you will go for this transaction. If you have done your homework, then you know about Koi behavior and care. What you now need to decide is what type of Koi you want to buy. You must also have your pond area complete and ready to go before buying any fish.
You will probably want to purchase young Koi for your pond. Older Koi are usually more expensive. As the Koi does not mature all the way until it is eight years of age, you have the opportunity to watch it grow. Koi will live to be around forty years old if they are taken care of properly, so you will be able to enjoy young fish for some time to come.

Where to Buy Koi

You will want to avoid buying Koi at the first place you see them for sale. Take your time, and go to all of the Koi dealers in your area to see what they have to offer to you. Do a visual inspection of every shop you go in. You want it to be clean and free from any odors of dead fish or ammonia. Look at the quality of the water in the tanks where the koi are kept. Do the fish look healthy? Are they swimming happily, or sitting on the bottom of the tank looking miserable?
Purchasing Koi from the Internet
If you decide to succumb to the lure of the ads selling Koi that give a web site address, you will want to make sure that the seller has a stellar reputation. Look for feedback from others concerning this dealer. You may want to ask those who are more knowledgeable than you are if they have heard of this dealer. It would be a good idea to contact the dealer directly and ask a few questions before making a commitment to purchase koi from them.


Know what to look for when picking out the Koi you want to add to your pond. You would be crushed if you brought home sick fish to add to the pond that you worked so hard to build. Ask if the Koi have been quarantined at the dealers. Most of the time, Koi are kept in quarantine for at least a month. You will still want to quarantine your new Koi when you get it home to avoid contaminating the water in the pond should the fish be ill.

Look at the Fish First

It is not difficult to tell if a fish is not healthy. Koi that are in good physical shape will swim efficiently around the tank. Check the gills of the fish. They will move regularly and in unison. If you see otherwise, the fish may well be in respiratory distress. The koi should not have any sort of physical deformity. It is easy to feel sorry for the poor koi who is missing fins or has a crooked spine, but it is best not to but trouble.
Ask the dealer to feed the koi while you are there, or call beforehand and find out when the regular feeding times are so you can show up on time to watch. If a koi does not rush for the food like all the others, chances are good that this particular koi is sick, and you should not buy from that tank.

How Many Koi Does Your Pond Need?

Koi experts state that you should have 1000 liters of water for EACH koi you plan to place in your pond. Remember, Koi can grow to be quite large, so they need this room in order to reach their full potential. If you are buying Koi for the first time, don’t get all of the fish you will need at one time. Buy just a few, and make sure your pond is set up correctly for koi before you shell out the money to completely stock it.

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