koi feeding guide

koi feeding guide

how much to feed koi

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koi feeding guide. Like a human baby, a Koi can grow and reach full potential only if it is fed properly. Koi are hearty eaters, but the water temperature can affect their appetite. Water in the pond should be around 15 degrees Celsius to allow the young Koi to feed generously and grow quickly. Koi have the ability to grow all through their lifespan. Warm weather temperatures cause Koi to grow faster, and this is why many koi owners who are into breeding will heat their ponds and feed their fish generally year round. Once a Koi has reached the age of sexual maturity, a lot of the food eaten is used to get the body ready for spawning.

Watch the Water Quality

Well fed pond Koi are known to reproduce and grow on a continuous basis because of all the good, nutritious food they consume. If by chance the water in the pond is not meticulously maintained, their appetite and even their metabolism is affected, which can cause stunted growth.

Commercial Diets and Your Koi

Koi do have certain nutritional requirements that must be met by feeding them a good commercial diet. If the Koi in your pond are of all different sizes, remember that the smaller Koi will need a smaller food to fit their mouths. You will need to feed both small and large sized commercial foods in order to take care of all the Koi’s needs.

Types of Food

Choose from floating food or sinking food for your Koi. Most people prefer the floating food, as this enables them to watch the Koi while they feed. You can also use the floating food to hand train the Koi. With a little practice, they will recognize you, and come to the surface to eat from your hand. Feed enough food, but not too much. A good practice is to feed the Koi only as much as they can consume within a five-minute period.

Color Enhancers

There are certain food supplements that can be used to enhance the colors of your Koi. However, you should read the ingredients on these, as some additives that are meant to make the red parts of the Koi redder can also turn the white points of the Koi red as well! Fish that are in good health generally do not need any sort of color enhancing.

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