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(Breeding koi fish) you need to know about right this year 2017 for the first time

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koi fish breeding tips

First important Step is How to quickly will make you identify male and female koi fish You need to know watch the video below

Also check the male breeders if they are ready to be breed by checking if they have enough milt and sperm watch video below on how to do it.

koi breeding setup 

My koi breeding setup is simple DIY breeding koi pond tank and the materials I used are bamboo for the koi pond frame and Trapal for the liner.

bamboo trapal koi pond


how old do koi have to be to breed

Koi fish are sexually matured when they are about 1-year old already but it is not advisable to breed them at young age because the membrane of the female egg is thin yet and the outcome is high mortality rate of the koi fry, It is hard to determine koi fish age if you just bought it from somebody else or at the pet store, since sizes will not determine koi fish age, because koi fish that are placed in smaller koi pond grows slow, so tendency some will breed even if their sizes are small because of their age are sexually matured already.

Separate the female koi fish breeder

First I did is I take out the female koi fish breeder and separate it from the koi fish males breeder this will help the female koi fish breeder develop enough eggs. The reason for this is if the female koi fish is mix with males at community pond the males will mate her from time to time and you will not notice this because they will usually mate at dawn or early morning. Photo below shows a female koi fish breeder prior from separating as you notice it’s tummy is not swollen yet this means that it has not enough eggs yet.

female koi fish showa breeder
Here is a photo of a koi fish female breeder prior from separating and conditioning

Watch the video here 

I feed the female koi fish lots and lots of high protein prepared koi food and live foods. Here is the list of live foods I feed the female koi fish so with the male breeders also.

Live foods for koi fish 

  • Daphnia
  • Earth worms
  • Snails
  • Tubifex
  • Shrimp

I also gave them duckweed, green pea, and wheat germ. after one month from separation. I check the female koi fish breeder if the tummy is swollen already I gently touch it’s tummy if it soft already. If the tummy is soft to touch this indicates that it is ready to breed. Pro tip it is best also to breed them during a full moon. The full moon will help stimulate the breeders to breed. Here is the photo of the female koi fish breeder after a month of separation

female koi fish breeder after separation
Here is the photo of the female koi fish breeder after separation tummy swollen already


And you can also watch the video here

I gently touch the female belly if it is soft this indicates that it is ready to spawn.


Preparing the koi pond for breeding 

  • I change the water 60 % and leave the water dripping slowly this will stimulate them to breed too.
  • Add nesting media I created a floating yarn and net

Adding the koi fish breeders 

I add the koi fish together at 6 pm in the evening and note this was also done at the full moon. I check them at 12:00 midnight if they already breed but there was no breeding sign yet, breeding sign is female will gather the nesting media and seems like creating bubbles and males will chase her, so I just leave them and then when I wake up at around 5:00 am in the morning they are already chasing and breeding here is the actual video of them breeding watch koi fish actual video breeding 

Remove the koi fish breeders after they are done mating. You will notice if they are already done mating when the males no longer chase the female koi fish breeder.  You need to remove them fast immediately because after laying eggs they will start eating their eggs. Then perform 60% water change this will prevent from water to be foul because of the sperms. Place methylene blue to prevent the molds attacking the eggs.

how fast do koi fry grow this will depend on the temperature the water the climate the faster they grow because warmer temperature stimulate their metabolism and this will trigger them to eat fast.
Here is a video of a koi fry growth chart watch it here
koi fry growth rate in the first week from hatching their sizes is about 1 cm and their koi fry color are all yellow yet. you can watch this video of my 1-week old koi fry

how fast do baby koi grow depend on the temperature, size of the pond and sources of live foods. If you feed them daily with live foods they grow fast also if your temperature is warmer they tend to feed more in warmer temperature because warm climate makes their metabolism fast, so they get hungry all the time.
koi eggs hatching depends on the temperature here in my place which is tropical and warm koi eggs hatch in 2 days in colder region koi eggs hatch for 7 to 10 days.
3-week old koi fry
what do baby koi fish look like It really depends on the stage for the first-week yellow, second week two colors appear black and yellow, third week 3 colors? If you want to see baby koi fish fry see my video below


5-week old koi fry video

5 week old koi fry

To be continue…