The origin of Koi dates back to about 200 years ago in Japan, where the Japanese rice farmers practiced keeping common carp was quite drab colored, the farmers began to discover that they could selectively breed the fishes with naturally occurring color variations to produce a variety of unique colors and patterns. By the 20th century a number of color patterns had been established, and when the Koi were exhibited at an annual exposition in Tokyo, national interest in Koi keeping exploded throughout Japan. When Emperor Hirohito was presented with Koi fishes for his Imperial Palace moat in 1914, Interest in these remarkable creatures grewRead More →

Increase the water current so that koi fish can swim faster to increase their metabolism and that this will make them eat more, but make sure that you have big filtration system since the more feeds you gave them the more waste they produce, although you will consider also the koi structure. Their are kois that are born to be jumbo in size. When buying koi fish that will turn in a jumbo size, you choose koi with the large mouth and head and long body. It would be best if you will breed your own koi because when you breed koi you will chooseRead More →