How Can You Construct a Koi Pond?


How Can You Construct a Koi Pond? A simple detail on how to setup and construct a koi pond How Can You Construct a Koi Pond?. Koi ponds are made so that it might consider the most appropriate living demand for koi fishes. You might find them in the yard behind house in many cases; whatever, they can also place in front yards if there is a lot of available space there. In the process of constructing koi ponds, the water & oxygen are the greatest consideration. This will really resolute by the size of the fishes. Landscape gardening plays an important role in KoiRead More →

Aerator for Koi Pond Aerator for Koi Pond Olimpia Surface Aerator can eliminates oxidation of iron and manganese in the your Koi pond, reduces ammonia in water through nitrification and to add dissolved oxygen in water.Olimpia paddle wheel aerator mix layer of the upper and lower surface of the water completely. Olimpia Paddlewheel aerator  can maximize to spread fertilizer evenly in the pond. Olimpia uses only the most efficient material, bevel gearbox instead of worm gears to save more than 20% of electricity.  Float boat on Olimpia Paddlewheel Water Aerator made of HDPE to sustain on salt water, fresh or hea and not easily scratchedRead More →

First, you must understand that Koi ponds are not just simply holes in the ground that you can keep fish in. For a Koi pond to work properly, and actually sustain fish, a number of different things must be considered when you begin planning it. A few simple rules will ensure that you do not end up with an expensive hole with dead fish. First, unless you have a large amount of knowledge in outdoor landscaping, fish keeping, and construction, it may be a good idea to leave the pond building up to a professional. While some people think that building the pond yourself withRead More →

Waterfall bungalow has 0.2 acres of gardens, a large pond and a fish farm Waterfall bungalow has 0.2 acres of gardens, a large pond and a fish farm Excerpt found at Saturday, October 15, 2016 Tommy Barker There’s a bit of a farm that comes with Sunnyside, a modest three-bed bungalow on 0.2 acres of gardens on in Waterfall’s Ballinora, just west of Cork city….but it’s for fish.Read More →

SELECTING A PUMP SELECTING A PUMP   Excerpt found at Posted by Marquis Gardens Team on June 13, 2016 Choosing the proper pump will provide you with: Pump Longevity Pump Efficiency Trouble Free Performance There are a few key elements that you need to know in order to choose the correct pump:   APPLICATION: WHERE WILL YOUR PUMP BE? In the pond at the bottom: look for a solids handling pump (great for pumping waste into filtration units) In pond – In the skimmer:look for a skimmer/high volume pump (skimmer pumps do not need to handle solids as there is usually a filter basket orRead More →

FINDING A LEAK IN YOUR POND OR WATER FEATURE FINDING A LEAK IN YOUR POND OR WATER FEATURE Excerpt found at Posted by Marquis Gardens Team on June 13, 2016 HERE ARE FIVE COMMON TYPEA OF POND LEAKS: A hole or cut in the liner Leaking skimmer Edge of the liner has receded or dropped A leak from water being diverted out of the pond, usually in the stream or falls A leak along the hosing, usually where there is a connection or pin hole Keep in Mind! Evaporation occurs naturally with any body of water and can account for minor water loss. If thereRead More →

POND WEEKLY MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST POND WEEKLY MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Excerpt found at Posted by Marquis Gardens Team on June 13, 2016 Most people will visit their ponds daily, particularly if they have fish. It can be during these times that a quick visual check should be done to ensure the pond is running properly. All ponds vary when it comes to weekly pond maintenance. Variations include: size and style of the pond, size and style of filtration, water flow, amount of sunlight, as well, the presence of fish and plants. The following Weekly Pond Maintenance Checklist is a guideline and can be customized to any pond orRead More →

MAKE YOUR WATER FEATURE WORK FOR YOU! MAKE YOUR WATER FEATURE WORK FOR YOU! Excerpt found at Posted by Marquis Gardens Team on September 12, 2016 PLANNING YOUR WATER FEATURE Before you begin digging a giant hole in your backyard, it is a good idea to consider planning what water feature will work for the space you have in mind; be mindful of the maintenance you are expecting and your budget. It is a well known fact that water features of any kind can benefit several aspects of any lifestyle. enhance the beauty of your back or front yard increase the home’s value provide healthRead More →

Barebones Requirement for Koi Pond

Koi Pond construction barebones requirements. Whatever you’re reason for wanting to start a Koi pond; you may find the range of options to be quite overwhelming. It is feasible to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your Koi pond before even purchasing any fish! If you’re just starting, however, you may want to start with something a little more budget friendly to determine if Koi ponds are right for you. This guide will cover the absolute essentials of setting up your first Koi pond for just a few hundred dollars and some honest elbow grease. In the future, you may become a very successfulRead More →