How to choose large koi fish

jumbo koi fish, how to choose large jumbo koi fish
how to choose jumbo koi fish

How to choose large koi fish

How to identify and choose potential large koi fish

How to choose large koi fish. Choose koi with a large mouth and head since this is an indication that the koi is a fast eater and will definitely grow large quickly.
Huge koi means those in size 6 and 7, more than 55 centimetres. With the advance breeding technique, even large koi are as fresh as medium sized koi. When you plan to buy large koi, you may want to choose perfect ones that suit your preference. However, final finishing of them should be done in your concrete pond, as it is impossible to finish Sumi or Hi in a natural pond. It is truly a great fun to choose your koi among those immediately after they are taken our in the mud pond. Visit koi breeders then observed their work, observe various coloured koi caught by a breeder and their helpers, talk about them. Koi grow large with good lustre in the mud pond, but their Hi (red) and Sumi (Black) cannot be finished. There comes your turn. If you want stable Red and black finish already you might want to buy large and well-figured koi but the price is high.

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