Prevent a Salty Situation: Which Saltwater Fish Are Compatible?

Prevent a Salty Situation: Which Saltwater Fish Are Compatible?


Plenty of people get delight by keeping a home aquarium. Seeing and tending a variety of sea creatures can be a great way to get a small peek into underwater life. But what doesn’t work well is mixing fish with other fish, other sea animals, or even plants that either are unhealthy for one another or aggressive. It’s easy enough to recognize signs of aggression or dislike in sea animals. You might see nipping or flashing or gill flaring. A toxic mix like that can quickly lead to disease or even death.
Fish and other sea creatures may be totally compatible, slightly compatible, or completely incompatible. Take large angels, for example: They can co-exist peacefully with crabs, shrimp, and snails, but not with corals and clams.
If you want to establish an aquarium that’s healthy and happy, it’s best to start with this chart. It can guide you toward the right animals to purchase, and ones to stay away from, too.


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