tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7

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tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7

tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7. If you are looking to set up a new tropical fish keeping tank and don’t know which fish to go for as a beginner, then don’t worry. We understand that you want to start out with fish which require little maintenance but still create a wonderful, colourful and inspiring aquarium.
Also, if you are setting up a fish keeping tank for your children, then the last thing you want is to choose new pets which prove too difficult to look after and end up dying, so read on to discover the top seven easiest fish to take care of.

1. Goldfish

 Goldfish photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
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As goldfish are cold water fish their tanks can be really simple as they don’t require any kind of heating equipment. As long as they have a filter for waste, and you keep the water clean, goldfish are very hardy pets which don’t require a huge amount of attention. They eat ready-made goldfish food which you can buy in any pet shop and as long as the tank you have is big enough for them, you should have no problems with looking after them.
They also come in different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns so will bring colour and variety to your tank, making them the ideal starter fish and particularly good for children to look after.

2. Bloodfin Tetras

Tetras photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
Photo by Joel Carnat

These are small silver fish which live in groups and again, are very resilient and easy to look after. They are good at surviving temperature and pH changes in the water and again, they are cold water fish so you don’t need any kind of heater for the tank.
These tropical fish live well in a community tank so there is no risk of them fighting and injuring each other and they hardly need any maintenance at all. According to this fishkeeping guide from Aquacadabra, these little fish can actually live for ten years without much looking after. They will need a filter but they are also not fussy about the type of food they eat.

3. White Cloud Minnows

White Cloud Minnows photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
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Also cold water lovers, these fish are very easy to take care of and again, don’t require a water heater or constant temperature control for their tank. They are also very easy to feed as they eat most fish foods and they can survive with a simple filter to keep the water clean. They are very hardy and live for around five years with little maintenance or fuss.
These are a firm favourite for children as they are beautiful fish and make a great addition to any tank, with the minimum amount of fuss and bother to keep them safe and well.

4. Danios

Danios photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
Photo by bob_jenkins

These beautiful warm water fish do require a heater and thermometer to keep the tank at the right temperature, as well as a filter to keep their water clean, but in terms of actual maintenance, they are very easy to look after.
Danios will eat any kind of fish food and they live fine with other fish – they are not prone to aggression. They can survive some water changes, including pH levels so you don’t need to worry too much about that as they will do just fine as long as they are warm. If the fish tank location is brightly lit you won’t need to put extra lights on the tank either.

5. Black Molly

Molly fish photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
Photo by h080

These fish are good for communal tanks as they don’t have any aggressive tendencies and will mix well with any fish. They are adaptable to different water conditions and quite resilient to hard water and pH changes. However, they do need warm water so you will need a heater and a filter to look after these fish.
When it comes to the type of water black molly fish can thrive in different types of water including salt water and fresh water, so they can be kept in any kind of tank. They are easy to feed and can be given general fish food.

6. Angelfish

 Angelfish photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
Photo by West Zest

Angelfish can grow quite large so you need to make sure they have a big enough tank and they can be prone to eating very small fish so try not to mix them with other tiny breeds. Other than that, they are very easy to look after in terms of maintenance. They will eat anything as they are omnivores.
They also cope well in lots of different water parameters and water temperatures and are very resilient to change in their environment, making them a lot easier to take care of than many people assume.

7. Swordtails

Swordtails photo tropical fish Easiest Fish to Take Care Of: Top 7
Photo by Eric F Savage

These striking fish are a great addition to any tank and they will eat any kind of generic fish food so are very easy to look after. They are peaceful and live well with all kinds of other fish in community tanks.
They can live for quite a few years and only require a heater and water filter to create the right conditions for them. They are hardy enough to survive varying water temperatures and conditions so are very low maintenance all round.
All of these fish are ideal if you have little or no experience at looking after fish, or just want to have a beautiful tank to look at with the least fuss possible. With all of these tropical fish the most equipment you will need is a water heater for the warm water varieties and a filter to keep the water clean and that’s it.
For the very least effort, opt for a tank of cold water fish like the first three examples in our list, as then you don’t even need to set up a heater or monitor water temperature. It’s just a case of feeding them and ensuring their water is clean
So if you want to set up a fish keeping tank without having to splash out on an expensive rig, lots of fancy equipment and then spend hours reading up on tropical fish keeping guide books, then opt for any of our top 7 breeds and you will have a wonderful tank with no fuss and bother.

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Photo by davidshort

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  1. This article had some MAJOR flaws, DANIOS is a species, and only 2 type are “easy to take care of” and those are Zebra danios and Giant zebra danios, other varities such as Celestial pearl danios, are a whole different ball game.
    White mountain cloud minnows: ALL Tropical fish need good water quality, they don’t just need a small filter. They need a filter that Is at least 10 gallons above the tanks gallonage.
    Goldfish: this isn’t even a tropical fish.
    Angelfish: Angelfish are next to the difficulty level of Discus, Specific parameters, Little bit hardier but not by much.
    Bloodfin Tetras: You got all the information wrong on this. They usually reach about 2 inches long and their typical lifespan is between 5 to 7 years in thriving environments. Bloodfin Tetra Care Guide The Bloodfin tetra, also known as True Bloodfin, Redfin Tetra, or Glass Bloodfin. They are hardy, but not coldwater fish that do not need a filter. Filters do not depend on “the type of fish” its about the tank size. They like a water pH between 6-8.0 and will thrive in cooler water temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Next time you try to write an article, make sure you get the right information and have OWNED what your talking about, or else like in this case, you’ll get half of it wrong or incorrect.



    1. Hello Nate,
      Thank you for the constructive idea. I will add this correction. I will also inform Miss Stella since this is her article that was posted here on my blog.


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