Want a Goldfish? This is What You Can Get to Entertain Yourself Instead

excerpt found at http://www.onegreenplanet.org/

Jaimi Dolmage
November 18, 2014

Let’s face it, animal lovers want animals around them at all times. Be it their adopted rescue pets, paintings of dogs playing poker or their sweet kitty cat socks, people who care for and feel connected to animals often find themselves gravitating toward things that remind them of their favorite beings.

Sitting down to a cup of comforting tea should be no exception, at least according to Taiwanese tea manufacturer Charm Villa. They’ve designed the head smackingly genius, “why-didn’t-we-think-of-that” goldfish shaped tea bag, which becomes uber realistic once steeped due to the coloration of the water from the tea. Available in two flavors, chamomile and oolong, the bags are colorful, whimsical and completely fun.

Given that fish, including goldfish, are incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment, they aren’t a very humane pet. A teabag goldfish, however, is perfectly happy to swim in the warm waters of your calming beverage while simultaneously brightening your day. Sounds like a great option to us!


Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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