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Posts published in October 2017

How to build DIY trapal or trapond koi pond 2017

Giovanni Carlo 0

trapal koi pond Favorite choice of poor mans koi fish keeper a trapal koi pond it is easy to setup and cheap although it will not last long Pro Tip on how to…

betta fish care 2017

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betta fish care ORIGINS Southeast Asia, occurring in Thailand, although its exact range is uncertain. SIZE 21⁄4 in (6 cm). DIET Prepared foods and live foods. WATER Temperature 75–82°F (24–28°C);…

(goldfish swim school) goldfish care 2017

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goldfish swim school how to take care of a goldfish goldfish swim school Undoubtedly the most widely kept of all fish, goldfish exist in a far wider range of colors…

pond liner for sale philippines

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4.5X3M koi  Fish Pond Liner Gardens Pools HDPE Membrane Reinforced Guaranty Landscaping This is better than cheap Trapal Pond liner that we use it is more durable below is a…

How to choose Pond plants

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How to choose Pond plants in your garden ponds landscaping Pond plants As well as enhancing the look of a pond, pond plants help to maintain water quality, providing a…