japanese painting samuria cat with koi fish tattoo


Japanese painting samuria cat with koi fish tattoo.

Please choose what colors you want and message me upon order

Material: 150g retro kraft paper, no cover film, not waterproof, with double-sided adhesive tape, transparent adhesive tape, pushpin or blue tack on the wall

Cats – ‘Maneki Neko’
The lucky cat is regularly represented in talismans, and is thought to bring luck, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. These lucky cats are identified through their raised right paw. Lucky cats make for a lovely gift

Koi’ means ‘Carp’ in Japanese, and this fish is a symbol of perseverance due to the fish’s tendency to swim upstream and resist the flow of water. Koi Carp also symbolise faithfulness and marriage in Japan. A design of carp swimming against rapids symbolises the Children’s Day Festival on May 5th. This is to inspire children to work hard in order to succeed.

19th Century Japanese LOLcats. Enjoy a collection of Japanese prints from the 1800s that depict cats in human situations

Warrior Japan Samurai Cat Ukiyo-e Canvas Painting Vintage Wall Kraft Poster Coated Wall Stickers Pictures Home Decoration Gift.

Cat Vs Cat (Fish). In Japanese traditional art “Namazu” – a giant catfish – is believed to cause earthquakes. He lives in the mud under the islands of Japan



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