koi fish pendant leaping against the wave


koi fish pendant leaping against the wave

koi fish pendant leaping against the wave What do koi fish pendant leaping against the wave means?

1.Koi Fish Jumps Over the Dragon’s Gate Painting: from a long legend in China. (?????) Symbolize big success in the civil service examination or getting a big promotion.

2.Wave designs in jewelries symbolizes the ups and downs we see in life.

There are times when you feel high, and there are times when you feel low.

Wear this ring as a reminder to stay positive, happy, and strong regardless of what life throws your way.

koi fish pendant leaping against the wave koi fish pendant hand crafted Detailed Carving pure 925 silver

Handcrafted celtic style Detailed golden koi fish leaping against the wave koi fish pendant

This attention to detailed hand crafted koi fish pendant have eye catching detailed realistic scales, mustache and fins.

koi fish pendant can actually bring you good luck and fortune when you wear it.


Weight:13g around

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koi fish pendant leaping against the wave additional information not related to this koi fish pendant

Koi jumping over wave (WE05-149) 35″W x 59″L … Jumping Gold Fish and crystal drop necklace – 22k gold plated fish on 14k gold filled chain, Swarovski crystal

Koi Pond and Ocean Waves – Reversible Artisan Sterling Silver Pendant – One Piece BCH-4 …. Koi jumping over wave (WE05-149) 35″W x 59″L. EasternClassic …. Figurine Fish on waves, sacred carp koi of the marble chips, statuette stone.

Buy KOI JUMPING OVER DRGON BRIDGE: TIBETAN SILVER PLAQUE … Necklace: Pendants –  FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. … The legend of the Koi contends that the bravest and strongest fish swim … on one side with the koi leaping over the waves and throwing itself against the falls

Silver pendant by koikoi. … Pendants – P7442. Koi fish jumping in waves. Carved on a circular piece of sterling silver. Code, : P7442. Price, : US$82.7

The koi fish is jumping through the waves of the river over the dragon gate, and a dragon … the 2016 year-date, and the monetary denomination on its obverse.

koi fish jumping out of water meaning

When a koi jumps out of the water, it runs the risk of hurting itself on the water surface, plants, or the rocks at the edge of your pond. … The fish even run the risk of beaching themselves outside of the water, which can be fatal. That being said, jumping koi isn’t always a bad thing by any means.

Why do koi come to the surface?
A: If your koi are coming to the surface of the pond to gulp for air, they’re doing more than just saying hi. … Due to a lack of aeration or poor water quality, your pond’s water probably does not have enough dissolved oxygen in it for the fish to “breathe,” so they’re gasping for oxygen from the air.

Koi fish tattoo – the meaning behind the symbol. … Old mythology dictates that when a koi fish is taken out of the water, he does …. the river when a koi suddenly jumped from the river and swallowed her for a yummy breakfast.

We have compiled 40 of our favorite Koi fish tattoo designs to show you. … in the actual Koi fish on this one, they have colored the water blue and the lotus … like they have jumped straight out of the gold fish tank and on to the persons side.

Arowana are not as well-known as koi and carp, but this is what makes them … carnivores and renegades who will literally jump six feet out of water in order to

In Japanese culture, the koi carp is a highly respected and very symbolic fish … Tattoos of koi carp are used to symbolize transformation and alchemy, … Generally means, if a Koi fish can jump across a specific water fall called


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