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Hand Feeding Your Koi

One of the best features of Koi is their lack of fear for humans. Once the Koi understand that you are not going to harm them, and that you are the one who provides them food, they will likely eat right out of your hand with the right training. .read more...

Training Koi Fis to eat watermelon

A Quick Guide to Koi Breeding

Like most fish, Koi carp lay eggs instead of bearing live offspring. In fact, Koi are known to lay thousands of eggs at a time. This process may sound easy and promising if you’re considering breeding Koi for fun or profit, but many factors must be exactly right for even a small percentage of these eggs to survive so don’t get your hopes up just yet. This article will explain the process of Koi spawning. read more…

How Many Koi Does Your Pond Need?

Koi experts state that you should have 1000 liters of water for EACH koi you plan to place in your pond. Remember, Koi can grow to be quite large, so they need this room in order to reach their full potential. If you are buying Koi for the first time, don’t get all of the fish you will need at one time. Buy just a few, and make sure your pond is set up correctly for koi before you shell out the money to completely stock it. read more..


Let us get technical about breeding koi! Koi was first identified in Japan, to be a multi colored fish in the carp ethnicity. Its special or most dominant feature is in its outer skins vibrant colored spots that give impression of decorated fish. And the name Koi stands for friendship in Japan and may be it is the reason for most of Japanese people to cultivate koi around their household. In Japan koi stands for friendship and love! read more..

Goldfish Types

Goldfish are very popular aquarium and pond fish because of the beautifu colors and many varieties available.These are Some of the most popular Goldfish types read more…

 Your Koi Pond After The Storm

You may have been completely prepared for the storm, or the storm may have taken you by complete surprise. Whatever the case may be, you must jump into action as soon as you physically can to ensure that no further damage is done to your pond. read more...


One of the greatest wrong ideas about Koi is that they are a strong breed. Koi aren’t strong at all. Actually, because they have been breed to show colors that aren’t seen in ordinary carp such as white and red and a quality of body shape that is worth having in the Koi culture, they also inherently display a weak immune system and low forbearance to injuries, parasites, infections, and to great changes in their environment. read more..

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