The Different Varieties of Koi

art craze koi paint

art craze koi paint

There are fourteen different varieties of Koi, with a fifteenth variety that is used as a sort of a catchall variety for all of the different Koi types that do not quite fit into one of the other fourteen slots. This last variety is known as the Kawarimono, and a large percentage of Koi are placed in this category.learn more…


koi genealogy

koi genealogy

Where Did the Koi Come From?
There is some debate as to where the Koi originated. Several authorities on these fish believe that these colorful fish first appeared in the country of Persia, which is now Iran. From Persia, the Koi gradually moved into and through the rest of the prehistoric world. The fossils of Koi that are around 20 million years old were found in the southern part of China. learn more..

Treatment and care of sick koi



There are many kinds of diseases in koi. It is already too late when one detect the real symptom of sickness. It is vitally important to detect as soon as possible and apply proper treatment.
How to find diseases in their early stages
You should always watch your koi’s bodies, their way of swimming or abnormal behaviours in order to find their diseases in the early stages. learn more..


culling by basket

culling by basket

Breeding your koi is not a decision to take lightly. It is definitely not something you can accomplish in a weekend! You need to realize that breeding koi will be a long-term investment of both time and money. The prime time to breed koi is from April until July, so if it is later in the year when you are reading this, all the better. You will have plenty of time to plan and prepare for koi fish breeding. learn more

Standard koi judging criteria
color of kois for judging

The standard for judging koi used to be 50 for the figure, 30 for the color, 20 for the pattern. Recently quality, elegance, and atmosphere are added to them. When the writer judges a koi, he marks it in the ratio of 3. for the figure, 20 for the color, 20 for the pattern, 10 for the quality, 10 for the elegance and 10 for the imposing appearance learn more…

Various koi diseases
sick koi leaves the group

sick koi leaves the group

There is various disease. If you have some knowledge about them, you can prevent them from spreading.

learn more...

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