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If you observe moderation,eat a sufficient amount of protein, healthy fats and slow carbohydrates, then you can forget about diets: everything will be fine with the figure and appearance. As an example, we decided to motivate you with the advice of your favorite stars. Among them, it turns out, there are incredibly many ardent supporters of proper nutrition. Looking at the amazing physical shape of famous dieters, you will inevitably want to follow their example and, instead of a bun for breakfast, make yourself guacamole, as Cameron Diaz does, or smoothies, like Hugh Jackman or Gisele Bundchen.

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Gwyneth Paltrow believes that salad is appropriate even for breakfast

Four cookbooks, a portal about a healthy lifestyle, daily workouts, vegetarianism – all this is about Gwyneth Paltrow. The Hollywood actress has repeatedly shared stories about diets and nutrition systems that she has tried. As a result, she came to the conclusion that for health, a slim figure and young beautiful skin, there is nothing better than proper nutrition. For many years, Gwyneth Paltrow has been a true adept of a healthy lifestyle! On her website, she shares recipes for healthy dishes and drinks, gives advice on fitness and skin care. According to her, she owes her appearance solely to proper nutrition, sports and periodic detox.

Hugh Jackman prefers green smoothie and avocado toast

How nice it is when your tastes completely coincide with the preferences of your favorite actor. The brutal Hugh Jackman, best known for his role as Wolverine in X-Men, eats like this: green smoothie with cucumber and chia seeds, toast with avocado, tomatoes and sprouts, poached eggs with oatmeal and avocado. The actor’s Instagram is full of healthy foods and dishes that he eats not only for breakfast, but also for lunch and dinner. Looking at the roles played by Hugh Jackman in the movies, you will inevitably think about the benefits of proper nutrition. Whatever the film, the role of a superhero, who is constantly on the move, performs complex tricks – and even what! But Hugh Jackman, for a moment, is almost 50 years old.

Cameron Diaz loves avocados

Looking at the slender figure of 45-year-old Cameron Diaz, it is impossible not to wonder: how does she do it? The answer is simple: daily exercise and proper nutrition. The main ingredients of Cameron are greens and vegetables, such as avocado, which the actress simply loves. In her book «The Body Book» : the law of hunger, the science of strength, and more ways to love your perfect body, the actress admits that inspiration came after Cameron began to notice that her body and organism completely reflect what she eats. And she didn’t like it. She turned to fitness trainer Teddy Bass for help, who first drew up a gym plan for her, and then a nutrition schedule. Now the actress is actively involved in sports under the guidance of the same coach and strictly ensures that her diet includes as many healthy foods as possible.

Gisele Bundchen chooses broccoli, fresh coconuts, smoothies

This is what the ideal diet of one of the most famous models of Victoria Secret looks like. If you scroll through Gisele’s Instagram, then you will not see any desserts or pastries. Only tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes. For example, a light vegetable soup, a green smoothie with apple, lemon and cucumbers, a bright cleansing juice of fresh vegetables and herbs, or a plate with baked sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, vegetable salad, broccoli and steamed beets. The model combines proper nutrition with moderate physical activity. In her feed, you can stumble upon pictures where Gisele Bundchen meditates or practices yoga. Great role model!