butterfly koi fish for sale philippines

Giobel Koi Center, powered by Advanced Giobel Koi Center Genetic Breeding Station, is not just a koi farm, it’s a koi haven. Here in Labangan, Philippines, you’ll find over 4,000 stunning koi on display and ready to welcome you home. All our koi are carefully raised in clean mud ponds, free from parasites like Argulus and Lernea, and far from any city pollutants.

Looking for specific varieties? We have a vibrant selection, from shimmering kumonryu and ochiba to sleek doitsu ochiba and doitsu kohaku. We even have regal sanke and bold showa!

Need more than just the fish? Giobel Koi Center is your one-stop shop for everything koi. Discover a wide range of high-quality equipment, all chosen to keep your koi thriving.

Curious about butterfly koi? Click here to learn more about these mesmerizing fish and find your perfect match!

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