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shiro utsuri butterfly koi


shiro utsuri butterfly koi

This is a shiro utsuri butterfly koi fish variety is shiro utsuri butterfly koi fish it is a black koi with white markings with elongated fins

This beautiful shiro utsuri butterfly koi size is 5 inches

As Butterfly koi grow, they become more and more impressive because the fins keep growing until the blood vessels can’t sustain the fins to be any longer.
Butterfly koi seem to lack some of the body size of regular koi, but the overall fish can run as long as 36 to 40 inches in the right pond with plenty of food.
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shiro utsuri butterfly koi people ask

How do I identify a koi fish?
Asagi are koi that display a blue net-like pattern on the back, complemented by red or orange on the belly, gill plates, fins and body. The red or orange pattern will develop up from the bottom of the body as the koi ages. Top quality Asagi have a red pattern that does not extend above the lateral line.

Can butterfly koi breed with regular koi?
Yes, They do breed just like regular koi and will breed with them.

How long do butterfly koi live?
25-30 years
Butterfly koi have about the same lifespan as traditional koi: up to 25-30 years in ideal conditions.


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