5 inch Kin doitsu hi utsuri koi fish for sale


I am selling this beautiful kin doitsu hi utsuri for $5.77 or 300 php only

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5 inch Kin doitsu hi utsuri koi fish for sale

Hey guys, this is my beautiful 5 inch kin doitsu hi utsuri koi fish for sale.

These koi fish have strong golden metallic luster on its skin

Here’s a video of my 5 inch Kin doitsu hi utsuri koi fish for sale



If you want to learn more about different types of koi

Hi Utsuri – Hi Utsuri combine the lacquer-black base color with patterns of deep red or orange. Red Hi Utsuri are superior to orange.

How many varieties of koi fish are there?

Types of Koi Varieties. There are over a 100 different types of koi (Nishikigoi).

The Utsurimono should be heavily marked with black (Sumi) in order to display a prominent contrast with the yellow, red, or white.

All colored need to be somewhat balanced, as this helps to call attention to the pattern on the Koi.

The Utsurimono is sometimes mistaken for the Bekko koi. There are two differences to look for that will allow the observer to tell the two varieties of Koi apart.

The main variation is that the Utsurimono is a black Koi with red, white, or yellow markings, while the Bekko Koi are either white, yellow, or red Koi that have black markings.

The Utsurimono also feature black markings on their heads that run all the way down to their noses. The Bekko Koi do not have black markings in this area.


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