aka sanke koi fish for sale


Buy this aka sanke for $7.67 or 400 php only

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6″  inch Aka-Sanke

It is a Taisho-Sanke of which red marking spreads from head to tail. It is impressive

Learn more about sanke koi fish 

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In 1915, a 15 year old Sanke variety Koi was displayed for the first time. … from the head to tail continuously is known as an Aka Sanke and are less desired.

Taisho Sanke, or Sanke for short, are koi with a solid white base overlaid by patterns … Ki Matsuba have a yellow base color, and Aka Matsuba have a red base.

For example, in Aka Sanke, hi is the dominant color. Fish whose pattern runs unrelieved from head to tail, with no interesting white cut-ins, are not well thought


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