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Announcement our koi fish for sale is not yet available for release.

They are still half an inch now. I will post here when it is ready for release

Koi fish for sale sample video below for selected category in 3 to 5 inches size

In this part of our online catalog, you will find just a fraction of some of the Koi we have for sale.

We sell koi fish here two ways. One way is individual fish retail or wholesale packages of fish that we have photographed.

With these koi fish you are buying the exact fish shown in it’s individual photo.

The wholsale package is mixed with pond and premium quality least buy for wholesale package is 100 pcs


Below video is a sample of my selected 3 to 5 inches showa, shiro utsuri, koi utsuri and kohaku koi fish for sale



Selected 3 to 5 inches showa, shiro utsuri, ki usturi and kohaku

Carp & Koi artwork for sale, Posters and Prints

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Is it possible to buy only male or female Koi fish?

I suppose that it is possibler, but they would have to be quite mature and expensive.

Until they are sexually mature it is very difficult to identify the sex reliably.

Is there some reason why you want one sex or the other? Males and females are colorful and, until they are three years old, their body shape is identical.

After becoming sexually mature the female has a thicker body but it is not enough so that I can sex them without taking them out of the water and looking whether they have an ovipositor (a short tube which used for laying the eggs).

Even then, sometimes the ovipositor is short and difficult to see, and I have guessed the sex wrong.

Watch this video on how to identify koi fish gender


koi fish for sale The Most Important Decision When buying koi is who and where they come from

koi fish for sale with koi fish hobby is booming now koi sellers are flourishing also like mushrooms. Some are fraud so we need to be cautious in purchasing our koi fish. A good example of a good koi fish seller I found is next day koi. they are in business since 2006. I check their facebook page and check on their activities. so I think they are one of my choices in judging that they are a serious seller not just fly by night bogus seller.

This is my koi fish prices list based on my classification

Pond quality koi fish, Premium quality koi fish and Selected Koi fish But currently, I am only selling 3 to 5 inches

Size**Pond Koi*Premium Koi*Select Koi
3″Php 25Php50Php500
5″Php 50Php150Php1,000
6″Php 60Php200Php2,000
7″Php 70Php300Php2,200
8″Php 80Php 600Php2,500
9″Php 90Php 700Php2,800
10″Php150Php 800Php3,000
11″Php160Php 900Php3,200
12″Php180Php  1000Php3,400
13″n/aPhp 1100Php3,500
15″n/aPhp 2000ask

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koi fish for sale near me You can easily find a koi fish dealer near your place by searching koi fish for sale near me or by searching using voice in your mobile phone no need in typing the words. just choose the voice in your android smartphone or tablet. Utter the words koi fish for sale near me. and you will be redirected to koi fish farm near you. My advice never buys koi fish online unless you already visited the facilities or check the facilities website, social media accounts, business permits etc do your homework, do further research and investigation. SCAMMER ALERT!!! There is a notorious scammer name Edward John Alhambra he had been scamming koi fish enthusiast since 2011. He was not convicted because victims cannot sue him because they will not waste time and another money spent in filing case and travelling in Manila. Just be careful in dealing with “jd’s koi center” “jd’s koi center cebu” He will lure you for affordable cheap koi fish and offer you to be his distributor and ask you for a distributor fee. He will send you fake DTI permit and fake SEC so please be careful of this man. I noticed he is changing his name now to ArdyamKoiFarmPH

You need to know how to Buying Your First Koi fish

If you’re out to buy yourself a Koi fish  for the first time, you might feel a little intimidated; and you probably should! Owning and raising Koi is a very large and considerably diverse field with many, many options for a beginner. You could spend a couple of hundred dollars for a new fish or thousands for just one. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few points of interest on buy Koi, and provide some tips on how you can avoid overpaying for your first fish. Try Dealing Locally This can’t be stressed enough when it comes to buying Koi. There are many variables when dealing online or a through a seller directory when it comes to buying live animals that can lead you to a bad deal. There are many stories of buyers travelling long distances to purchase Koi, only to find something different than what was advertised. Also, some of the larger Koi dealers spend great amounts of money on advertising and sales promotion; avoid paying for this by doing the research yourself. And in the case of ill merchandise, or any other problems, it is always much easier to arbitrate a solution with a local dealer than you have met in person. Purchase Koi Young As a general rule, the older and more developed a Koi is, the more it will cost. The only exception is a fish that has matured to full adulthood and is now descending toward old age. This is because of the heavy time investment and diligence required to raise a Koi to adulthood. Adult Koi are also capable of breeding and thus creating more Koi. It will always cost more to “purchase the goose that lays the golden eggs.” Given the high value of these animals, a breeding Koi will be more expensive and even harder to find. Make Sure the Koi is Healthy Despite their size and hardy appearance, Koi are very delicate animals. They have very specific conditions in which they thrive, and often can become ill with only a small amount of neglect. Like humans, not every affliction the Koi can carry is immediately visible by the eye; however, there are several things that a prospective Koi owner can watch out for. Physical damage to the fish is the most obvious warning sign. If the animal seems to have suffered trauma, it may have been psychology damaged as well. Animals with uneven or damaged scales might be trouble-makers, causing problems with other fish in the community on a regular basis. Also have a good look at the fins, and underside if you get a chance. It should be pretty obvious when something is wrong. If the fish is oozing any bodily fluids, it has likely been damaged recently. Study the fish for abnormal behaviors. Inspect the Seller’s Facility It would be prudent to request a visit to the seller’s raising facilities instead of simply viewing the Koi inside a display tank. Y ou should be concerned and have reservations is the facility is not clean, or has an abnormally foul odor. Take note of how many Koi the seller keeps in one enclosure. Too many is a very bad sign. If you can’t visit the facility, try asking for koi pictures, or at least asking the deal about his Koi raising practice. You want to be sure the Koi you plan to purchase are a good investment and will not end up wasting your valuable money. No one likes to waste money – especially on something that you can’t get your money back for! Check for Overbreeding Overbreeding is what occurs when a Koi breeder mates his fish with other fish that are closely related to it. This can lead to several problems, including unattractive animals. The most obvious sign of this is the appearance of the Koi itself. All Koi should have well-defined patches of color. Colors should not appear scrambled or blend each other. next day koi For my koi keeper friends in the US I found one good seller. This is next day koi I saw their facebook page that they will deliver koi fish “This is what next day koi promised to their customers NextDayKoi specializes in delivering Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish and more straight to your doorstep.

koi fish forsale philippines afordable high quality koi fish forsale

Koi fish forsale Philippines tancho showa Video of koi fish forsale beautiful tancho showa below

Why are koi fish in Japan so expensive compared to koi fish sold in the US?

First high-quality koi is a crap shoot to create. You improve your odds by starting with quality parent stock and excellent growing conditions.

Next you cull very for deformities, on the next round you begin to cull for other traits that align to the type of koi you are breeding.

For example if you are breeding for Kohaku’s (red and whites) a yellow or all black koi thrown away .

This is where the value of Japanese breeding is so respected, it isn’t an easy process and you can’t raise them all since you might have 10,000 fry and 10,000 8″ fish is beyond expensive to grow out.

As they grow the breeder will perform several culls and later sorts.

Some nice but not good koi will even go to local Japanese pet shops.

In the US this is sometimes called “Pond Grade” koi and sold at lower prices.

Next breeders will determine which will sold for much more and may choose to hold those to “grow out” and sell for even more dollars $10-20,000.

All Japanese koi are not expensive, all high quality Japanese koi do tend to be expensive because its the most select part of the crop.

From 10,000 fry you may find 20-30 exceptional animals at 18″ then grow those to 26″ and you may be down to 2 or 3 exceptional animals with the rest being off along the way.

Japanese breeders grow a “crop” each year. They too have to keep the fish moving from hatch to sale while keeping quality high.

Along the way they must make difficult decisions on which to keep and which to sell at various ages.

Sometimes they can tell when a fish has begun to reach its most potential and want to sell it. Or in some cases begin to show traits that won’t develop well and likewise want to sell it.

Sometimes they are wrong but rarely and I have found wonderful breeders who are very honest about their koi’s potential.

Breeders want their customers to be happy and many want people to compete, show their koi and win shows.

For most of us our koi meant to shared and considered living works of art.

So again why do Japanese koi tend to be expensive? Because for the most part Japanese take huge pride in developing not only a koi but a koi that meets a standard very well.

Buyer beware – I have seen places that sell “Japanese Koi” and mark them up. to myself it doesn’t matter where it came from even Japan if its pond grade it should be a pond grade price.

Now if a US breeder were able to breed the most desirable traits of high quality koi here in the US they too would likely command a high price.

The problem is that US breeders don’t have the experience to breed such stock but many are trying.

In Japan Koi production passed down from generation to generation as it has been for many generations before.

Its a lot of experience, great growing conditions and excellent parent stock.

Now there is also one more thing to note. Usually when you buy

Japanese koi from a particular breeder you are more likely to get stable genetics so that the fish matures along the path that one expects.

For those of us collectors who are into it we do look at long lines of breeding stock and linages for each years spawn and receive certifications from the breeder highlights the spawn date and the female.

We can compare those to published very nice “year books” and see the various parents (the book shows which male used for each spawn) and which spawn new breeding females were off spring for future spawns.

How much do Koi fish cost?

Other than pond grade Koi. of koi as in “cost per inch” by show size standards. If you buy a lot of high grade koi (show koi) then you develop a method that works for you when comparing values.

Most show koi measured in centimeters in Japan and inches in US. Then you will have types of koi such as gosanke verus Hikari Muji or one of the the other types and then by breeder.

For me me I reduce it down to cost per inch by type with in a size category that used when showing.

Gosanke – by Named Breeder Size 1 – Up to 10″ – $60-85 per inch Size 2 – 10″ – 13″ – $70-90 per inch … Up to a Size 8 – 28″ and over…

This way I can find a relative comparison over a couple years by size, type or breeder.

Now you may ask why by size category? This is because as the fish it harder to add size to them and keep them in perfect condition and developing well.

As they get larger the length slows and the girth increases. Under the right conditions with solid genetics – koi value can increase.

Where do I find a market to sell my Koi fish?

This depends on the grade of the koi fish. True quality koi can be sold online but the shipping and chance of problems make them a crapshoot for likely buyers but if they are quality they might bought.

If they are not great quality and pond grade koi you are most likely going to be lucky if you find a good home for them. Very good pictures are important.

I would also check with the closest Koi Club in your area, in our case in MN we have a twice yearly auction where people can bring koi to sell, the club takes half and the owner takes half.

You can also place an ad on craigslist. If they are quality you can offer them for sale on Koiphen.

Many people only sell locally so that they don’t have to deal with shipping them.