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Lake Maintenance Advice – Preventing The Buildup of Algae

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Many small lake and pond maintenance tasks can be completed effectively without the hands-on assistance of a professional

The summer is an incredible time of the year to own a lake or pond. With the sun beating down and the warmth in the air, the lake erupts with life and transforms into a wildlife sanctuary of your own. From a small family of ducks cruising around the lake to the baby fish which are just starting to experience life for the first time after the spring fish spawning season, it’s a time of the year when you can step back and be proud of being a lake owner. 

Unfortunately, the summer months come with their own set of problems. The constant exposure to sun and warm weather can trigger a substantial amount of algae growth which not only worsens the water quality but it can ruin the overall aesthetics. Water features can become heavily overrun with algae and the lake water can develop a green tint which creates a poorly maintained appearance. 

In this article we will be breaking down the best ways you can prevent the buildup of algae within your pond and lake, allowing you to make the most out of enjoying the lake in the summer months. Our goal is to make pond and lake maintenance easy for everyone. 

Keeping a Sustainable Fish Population 

It all starts with the stocked wildlife in your lake. Purchasing fish is a great way to give your lake a bit of character but you run the risk of overstocking the water which leads to a whole range of problems down the line. The key problem with overstocking a lake is that this added waste generated by the fish can very easily overrun your filter and pump system. If this were to occur you create a pond system where the pump is no longer cleansing the water but in fact, it’s contributing to everlasting water quality. 

Choose the Right Pump for Your Pond

Lake pump and filtration systems are a fundamental part of the maintenance approach. We now live in a day and age where keeping a pond or lake clean is as simple as keeping on top of changing the filter, these systems do all of the hard work for us. By taking the time and investing in the right filtration system for your lake you can be confident that even in the warmest months of the year, the filtration system will help stay on top of the water quality. To help find the right pump for your lake we recommend you speak to your local garden centre and get professional advice. 

Keep On Top of Debris From the Pond

This might stand out as one of the points in this blog that are just common sense for lake owners but you would be surprised with how much debris can contribute to algae buildup. If you have plants and trees surrounding your lake make sure you go round and ensure that none of the plant debris has fallen into the lake. If there is a substantial amount of dying plant debris in your pond this can break down and substantially contribute to the buildup of algae within the pond. By no means do we suggest you cut away any of the growing plants as this will often be a safe space for the wildlife but just keep on top of any dead or dying plant life? 

Applying Algae & Green water Treatment  

Applying water feature cleaning products are a great solution for preventing algae buildup. For those with fish stocked waters, a sludge and silt remover may be a better solution for you. Often these products will be used in fisheries and will be suitable for smaller-scale pond and lake scenarios. Make sure you check the bottle to ensure that it’s safe to use around fish before applying it to the lakewater. 

That’s all for today, we hope that this article has helped you better understand how you can protect your lake from algae buildup this summer. 

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How do you maintain a lake?

7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy and Clean Lake
Maintain proper oxygenation in the lake. …
Apply bacterial treatment on your lake. …
Integrate phytofiltration in your maintenance program. …
Use natural products for your gardening needs. …
Observe proper maintenance of your septic tanks. …
Use lake dyes.

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