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Various Places Where you get Fishes

Do you wish to swim Underwater, No Rubber flippers, just a tail? Imagine you would be able to flip–flop, jump and spin with fins. Aquariums are a great way to be close to nature. It is a remarkable feeling of contentment for some people who immensely love rain, beaches, and aquatic animals. But you know what stagnant life is just like an aquarium where you are stuck in a confined area. Want to explore the new species of marine fishes? Well , let the shores set you free.

Here is the list of places where you can head on for a vacation. 

 PAWANA LAKE – Pawana Dam Reservoir is an artificial Lake located in the heart of Lonavla. The lake has gained more importance after the construction of the Pawana dam which is a source of generating electricity. The lake showcases mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity which is bordered by towering hills. It is famed for its mesmerizing shades, gleaming surfaces as well as bright blue sky above which is something ethereal to capture for jaw-dropping photos. It is a perfect picnic spot. The lake is home to golden and silver fishes which resemble jewelry strings.

For an unforgettable experience, across the gorgeous lake campers spend their time

here indulging themselves in the plethora of outdoor games, dazzling Dj,

bonfire, and many other activities.

PABBAR VALLEY – Pabbar valley is one of the gorgeous sites in Himachal Pradesh. It is approximately 100 km away from Shimla. The valley is the center of attraction for adventure seekers. The whole region is full of gems like Theog, Kufri, Rohru, Fagu, and Chirgaon. An outing to all these places must not be missed out. The angelic paradise is not only rich and flourished in its beauty but it has a lovely ecosystem that has rare species of freshwater marine fishes. You can trek to the various region of this valley. Rohru is a small hamlet of this valley which is a hotspot for trout fishing. Fresh air around, peace within and panoramic views set up a backdrop for fishing. It is a memorable experience one craves for each time. 

LOHIT RIVER – Lohit river in Arunachal Pradesh is a tributary to the Brahmaputra River. It is originated from the east of Tibet. The turquoise blue pristine water of the lake shines like precious diamonds. Bright golden fishes are the main highlight of this beautiful lake that captivates your attention and for a leisure change, you can also do fishing. The place offers you breathtaking views you just need to be calm and connect with nature. the moment you close your eyes you can smell the sweet scent of flowers and medicinal herbs. The river is a popular rafting paradise. Wild leopards and giant elephants roam around so be careful.

TIRTHAN VALLEY-  The offbeat destination welcomes the tourist with open arms. The best way to experience the snow–capped mountain is through trekking. you get to explore a variety of breathtaking views because the beauty of the place not only lies in its vistas but in the hearts of its people. Take a pause and capture the serene views of the valley. The sky above, the earth below, and peace within are all that trekkers desire for so spend a day amidst the valley and the place will steal your heart. Let’s commercialize the twin valley of Tirthan and Banjar. This set down opens up an infinite number of sports and fun activities for adrenaline rushers but fishing is popular amongst them. It is best known for gorgeous trout fishes. 

JIA BHOROLI RIVER – It is a popular fishing destination in India that offers you a perfect blend of beauty and adventure. It is nestled in the upper Assam. you will find exotic and rare species of fishes. Fishing is a leisure sport to refresh yourself. It attracts several tourists who compete in the Annual angling competition. It is a leisure retreat that also offers you rafting and boating activities. Hike into the nearby tropical forests that specially serve you the best camping experience. So are you ready to compete in the angling competition this year? so go and give a shot to your hobby.

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