What are Common Fish/Cat/Dog Diseases and Behaviors

Taking care of your pet is an important task. Just like with humans, you will need to be careful for the pet to make sure that you are not going to have them get sick along the way. Each pet will have different types of illnesses and health problems that can come up depending how its breed and what happens during its life. 

Whether you have a cat, dog, fish, or another pet, there are going to be common diseases that each pet is able to get. Recognizing what these diseases are and how to notice them will help you keep your pet in the best health possible. 

Some of the common diseases that your cat, dog, or fish can experience include:

What are Common Fish Diseases

red white oranda goldfish What are Common Fish Diseases

While it is not common to think about fish getting sick, it is something that can happen. Maintaining a clean tank is a great way for even beginner saltwater fish owners to take great care of the fish, but it is still possible for something to go wrong. Some of the most common diseases to watch out for include:

  • Ich: This is the name for ichthyophthirius. This is a small white parasite that can cause an infection. They will show up as small white dots on the gills, bodies, and fins of the fish that is infected. Treating the water and adding some medication can help. 
  • Fin rot: This is a type of bacteria that will start to eat away at the fins of the fish when the water is not clean or something is wrong with the environment. Antibiotic medications will help treat this condition. 
  • Ammonia poisoning: This happens when the ammonia levels in the tank are too high. Testing the water on occasion will help you figure out whether this is a problem or not. 
  • Anchor worm: This is a parasitic disease that will be caused by tiny red worm-like threads that come off the body of the fish when they are infected. Fish with anchor worms can often be seen scratching their bodies. 
  • Flukes: These are a type of flatworm that is found in most aquariums, but will not become a problem until your fish get stressed and the water conditions go down. You may see rapid gill movement, redness, and the fish scratching themselves. 
  • Dropsy: This is a sign of a disease rather than a disease itself. This happens when the body of the fish gets bloated because fluid accumulates in the kidney during an infection. 

What are Common Cat Diseases

What are Common Cat Diseases

Cats can face a number of common illnesses that will make them sick and may require some additional treatment. Cancer is common in most breeds of cats, as is diabetes if it is not caught early enough. Some of the other common cat diseases to watch for include:

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus: The symptoms of this may not show up until years after the initial infection. This is a slow-acting virus that will ruin the immune system and can make them more susceptible to other infections. 
  • Feline Leukemia Virus: This is a transmittable RNA retrovirus that can inhibit the immune system of the cat. Since it is hard to see the symptoms, any cat that is entering a new household should be tested. 
  • Heartworm: This is spread by infected mosquitoes and can be a main cause of heart conditions in the cat. This will manifest in a lung disease in the cat. 
  • High-rise syndrome: This can happen when a cat falls from a higher distance and has a shattered jaw, punctured lungs, and broken limbs. 
  • Upper respiratory infections: The sinuses, throat, and nose of the cat can get infections through different bacteria and viruses. 
  • Worms: Cats will often have a variety of intestinal parasites to worry about, including “worms”. This can cause a number of symptoms, though it is possible for the cat to not show any symptoms and the infestation can go undetected until it is too late to do much about it.

What are Common Dog Diseases

What are Common Fish/Cat/Dog Diseases and Behaviors 1

While each dog is going to be a little bit different when it comes to the diseases that they are likely to suffer from. This tends to show up based on the breed, with some breeds having a higher risk for one type of disease over another. 

However, there are some diseases that seem to be common for many types of dogs and across the board for this type of pet. Some of the most common types of diseases that these pets face include:

  • Cancer: There are several types of cancer that this pet will face. Routine vet care can help find it and prevent it. 
  • Diabetes: Diabetes in a dog can be complex because the dog either does not respond well to insulin or they lack the hormone. This can result in hyperglycemia, which can cause several other health problems for your pet. 
  • Heartworm: Heartworm is a parasitic worm that will live in the heart and pulmonary arteries of the animal it infects. They travel through the blood and can make it to the heart and lungs to hurt the animal. 
  • Kennel cough: This is a type of respiratory infection that will cause inflammation to the windpipe and voice box of the dog, similar to bronchitis in humans. 
  • Parvovirus: This is a contagious viral disease that can produce a horrible illness. 
  • Rabies: This is a viral disease that may take over the spinal cord and brain of mammals.
  • Ringworm: This is caused by a fungus of the nails, hair, and skin. It is contagious and can cause hair loss on the dog and to other pets and humans. 

Taking Care of Your Pet

When any of these common diseases start to show up in your pet, it is important to be vigilant and take care of the pet to prevent the issue from getting worse. With the help of their vet and routine checkups, you can prevent and treat these issues

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