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What You Need To Know About CBD Oils For Cats

What You Need To Know About CBD Oils For Cats

Most pet owners are often stressed up when they are having a sick pet at home. This is because you won’t feel any comfortable until you find a solution to your sick pet.

However, thanks to all the technological and medical advancements in the world right now, there are better methods you can use to help your pet maintain a good health.

Bad thing however is, pets like cats are unique from one another. Therefore, not every treatment plan that is prescribed to one is guaranteed to work for the other. This is why many owners are now turning to the new holistic option which is the use of hemp and CBD.

So what is this new holistic option?

This is a naturally occurring chemical compound that acts on both the body and brain. It is derived from a cannabis plant which is found in the Cannabaceae family, with no psychoactive abilities.

The oil is considered a good option for both animals and humans. This is simply because animals also have the endocannabinoid system which regulates vital functions such as mood, appetite, sleep and response to pain.

Is it legal?

Yes, the oil is quite legal in the united states, this is because hemp is legal in all 50 states.

Hemp is a bit different from the marijuana plant because it has lower THC percentage. This is the psychoactive compound associated with feeling “high”.

While both are categorized in the cannabis plant species, hemp often contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC. However, it has a large quantity of other compounds that are quite effective as well.

Benefits of cannabidiol oil to pets

Some of these advantages includes:

  1. Relieves anxiety

Cats always tend to become anxious and sometimes they overreact during certain periods, for example during thunderstorms or during vet visits, this may result to them not sleeping or allowing you to enjoy yours. The oil can help on such occasions due to the interaction with endocannabinoid receptors in cats to help them sleep and relax.

Studies have it that cannabidiol can reduce seizures in cats. The studies showed that cats that were given CBD oils experienced few attacks in comparison to the ones that didn’t take it. Furthermore, it treats allergies, bacteria and yeast thus leaving your cat feeling much better.

CBD has the ability to improve the appetite. Veterinarians are now recommending it for the pets that have no appetite. Animals on CBD oils have shown a higher feeding compared to others that are not on the dosage. Moreover, it contains pain killing properties that helps alleviate pain for your pets.

According to the organization, Animal Cancer Foundation, nearly six million pet dogs and cats are found with cancer every year. There is really no cure for this yet. But, the use of CBD and the research going on about it has shown promising results that it can help in killing cancer cells and prevent them from spreading in the body. Besides this, you can visit this site for the best dog care tips as well as a great variety of dog products.

This is one of the main uses of cannabidiol. It can be used to eliminate the inflammation and pain that is caused by arthritis. Studies confirmed that the compound can help in reducing the pain and inflammation that is brought by arthritis. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.

As your pets age, they will begin to have less interest in the physical activities they always enjoyed. Using of cannabidiol can help the aging pet to improve its mobility.  See here to read more

Side effects of the oil.

Although CBD shows potential in the world of veterinary medicine, many vets will be unsure of its side effects. These side effects are very rare and uncommon, and they are:

If the above side effects appear, its recommended to consult a professional who knows your pet’s medical history.

Factors to consider when buying CBD oil.

The following consideration should be put in place while buying the supplements:


The use of CBD oil in treating various cat  and other pet diseases might still look new and strange to some people. But people are nowadays open minded thus are slowly embracing the practice as it has shown positive results from the studies that have been conducted. Talk to your vet officer and try it on your pet to witness the magic.

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