Koi fish Breeding 2017

Koi fish Breeding 2017 my koi fish breeding this year

Koi Fish Breeding 2017 This is my first koi fish breeding again this year. I was not able to breed my koi fish this year because of limited free time and resources.

Below is my video of my breeding tank setup that was built June 24, 2017.

Today, June 25, 2017, I added to water already to the trapal breeding tank pond. I will document later when I will add the female Showa breeder that I will be conditioning for weeks or month depending on how fast her development in ready for spawning it can be easily notice when her tummy will be full already and soft to touch.

I am eyeing on the calendar for all the full moon since it is best to breed koi fish during the full moon it will stimulate them to breed. but the problem is full moon will be on July 3 already and I think it is too late for me to breed my koi fish since the female tummy is not swollen yet.



Koi Pond made up of trapal and bamboo frame

I added water today to condition the water prior, in addition, the koi fish female breeder. Tomorrow I will add daphnia magna. The size of the Koi pond trapal is  2-meter length, width is 55 inch and height is 3 feet.

koi pond trapal Koi fish Breeding 2017

Koi Fish Female Showa Breeder added today to the breeding tank July 1, 2017


I added the Koi Fish female Showa breeder today in the breeding tank, her tummy is not swollen yet. Photo of the koi fish female showa that was added in the breeding tank today for conditioning. I am going to feed her, high protein koi food pellets, live foods such as the earthworm, daphnia, snails, shrimp, and vegetables. I am looking forward to breeding her next month during a full moon or earlier if her tummy will be swollen with eggs early before my target schedule. koi fish female showa Koi fish Breeding 2017












Here is additional tips photo on how to identify koi fish female by looking on its pectoral fins and vent.

female koi fish vent Koi fish Breeding 2017
female koi fish vent
koi fish female pectoral fin Koi fish Breeding 2017
koi fish female pectoral fin

Here’s my video choosing and separating the female koi fish breeder

The purpose of separating the female and males is giving a chance of the female to develop plenty of eggs because if they are kept together with male koi fish they will mate from time to time. You will not notice when they breed because most of the time they breed during 12 midnight up to early morning when the temperature suddenly changes, so the best way is to separate them, one reason also is like  human when the wife and husband are separate for long time when they meet again they will surely breed he he because  saying says distance makes loves goes founder he he

Questions I received about Koi fish Breeding 2017

  • How old do koi fish need to be to spawn? When do koi fish breed? Ans: The right age will be 3 years old although some will breed at one year old it is not advisable to breed young koi since the egg membrane will be thin and the mortality rate will be high. Also, It is hard to determine koi age unless you are the one who breeds it. for example kois you bought in the pet store even if they are small in size you can’t tell its age they may be a year old already they just not grow to their potential growth because they are placed in small container they are over populated, so if you bought your koi in pet store, you just observe their breeding behaviour and also their breeding signals for males just like goldfishes breeding stars will appear on their cheeks and edge of pectoral fins and when you apply gentle massage on its vent a sperm will come out, see this video how to tell male koi from female 
  • To be continued…….

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