5 Best Translation Apps Students Should Use in 2022

5 Best Translation Apps Students Should Use in 2022

Today, students need to be able to communicate in different languages, translate documents or literary texts, and even study in a foreign language. Using a classic dictionary takes a lot of time, so most people use translation apps. There are a lot of translators now and you can choose a more convenient program that is right for you. We decided to single out the 5 best high-quality and fast translators for students in 2022.

Translation Is Not So Difficult

Which of the existing auto translators should you select? Which online resource performs its task more accurately and does not distort the content of the text when translated into a given language? You can check PickWriters.com for more details on translation and human experts that can help you with any translation task. However, working with human translators isn’t always necessary. So, today we will try to help students pick the best translation app so they could have translation aid at their fingertips at all times.

First, you should realize that translation can have different purposes. Moreover, in each translation, the student may pursue one or more goals. Among the main purposes of translation, we highlight the following:

  • communicate important information;
  • create the desired emotions to the information or text;
  • cause a certain reaction;
  • convince readers to take a certain action.

To achieve different goals, the student can make significant changes to the translated text, transforming the form and content of the original text, or deviate to some extent from the original, preserving its meaning, but varying the stylistic design. Alternatively, one can save all the parameters of the source text as accurately as possible.

Automatic translators, also called machine translators, do help quite a lot when it comes to overcoming the language barrier. The main reason for their popularity and high demand is that they provide a quick result that becomes more and more precise as the technology advances. The market for machine translation is also expanding every year, which is evident from the chart below.

5 Best Translation Apps Students Should Use in 2022 machine translation market graph
(Source: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/machine-translation-market)

Machine translation undoubtedly has some disadvantages, however, the statistic shows that many of them can be neglected. Modern life can be characterized by how fast it goes, so such tools are perfect for their age.

Top 5 Translation Apps For Students

Now, machine translation gets some bad rap from time to time. As such, Douglas Hofstrader, a well-known scholar and scientist, despite being fascinated with how machine translation is actively developing, still criticized it. The problem of the automatic translators, he wrote in his article for the Atlantic, is that instead of actually translating, they try to decode the meaning of the input, “get away with not worrying about what understanding and meaning are.” The author, however, noted that this situation might improve with the developments in deep learning. Nevertheless, digital translation tools are still quite popular despite all their imperfections.

As such, Google Translate remains one of the most popular translation tools existing on the internet today. Billions of users turn to it every day or basic translation needs – to translate words, short phrases, or instruction manuals. Usage of Google Translate Widget shows a relatively steady growth, as confirmed by the chart below.

5 Best Translation Apps Students Should Use in 2022 google translate widgets trends graph
(Source: https://trends.builtwith.com/widgets/Google-Translate-Widget)

In our age of fast, machine-driven solutions, automatic translator apps are very trendy and, although not great with official documents, legal or medical data, they are perfectly capable of catering to people’s everyday translation needs. And that’s what they are mostly used for today. Nowadays, there are translation apps for every need, and there are some well-known and time-tested applications. For instance, the best translation apps for windows can easily solve any translation problem. And here are our Top Five best translation apps for students:

  1. Google Translate. The most popular translator tool in the world is Google Translate. According to statistics, Google Translate is used daily by more than 500 million users worldwide. Large functional language base makes Google Translate the most universal and popular translation service. With it, you can translate from 51 languages, including various language pairs, as confirmed by the chart below created by Inten.to.
5 Best Translation Apps Students Should Use in 2022 language coverage data graph

Also, you have the opportunity to:

  • listen to the correct pronunciation;
  • take a photo of the text for translation;
  • try the function “Dialogue” which will help you communicate with foreigners without any problems.

However, with this app, there are also restrictions: you can not input more than 5 thousand characters. If you need to translate a large text, you will have to break it into pieces. Additionally, algorithm failures that lead to incorrect translations are sometimes possible. One may also see unequal translation accuracy for different language pairs. Yet, Google is getting better every year. Its neural network, self-learning, and data collection get better, and translation accuracy increases.

  1. DeepL is one of the most famous and popular linguistic robots. The developers boldly used the ideas of Western colleagues, so it is not inferior to Google Translate, but there are differences between these apps. The functions of this translator will be convenient for students because it features:
  2. An algorithm for determining language affiliation;
  3. transliteration and voice input function is supported;
  4. voicing of the text is available;
  5. recognizing text from a photocopy is available;
  6. error checking and editing is supported;
  7. one can use a mobile version;
  8. selection of words by content is included;
  9. translation quality assessment is present;
  10. automatic dictionary with options is available;
  11. users have access to cards for learning words.

DeepL has a few disadvantages, too – it does not work with handwritten text, and offers no automatic transcription.

  1. Bing Microsoft Translator. This tool is concise and has a friendly, clear interface. Developed by Microsoft, this auto translator is not aimed at serious tasks. This automatic translator is simple and convenient. Bing is ideal if you only need to understand the general essence of the material, without unnecessary subtleties. Positive characteristics of the Bing service are:
  2. A significant amount of supported languages ​​- 69;
  3. the audio input function is available;
  4. one can use an auto-detection of language;
  5. the app can read aloud;
  6. there are editorial functions.
  7. PROMT is a free service created by linguists for specialized work. This translator can be installed as an add-on. Features and advantages of automatic translator include:
  8. It works with texts, sites, and mail;
  9. the choice of a topic improves the quality of translation;
  10. works with 20 languages;
  11. there is auto-detection;
  12. it checks the spelling;
  13. it is possible to evaluate the translation.

However, this automatic translator doesn’t allow more than 3000 characters and has no option to voice the text. Also, you can not edit the translation and there is no dictionary mode. The program’s website has additional features and tabs with a dictionary, word forms, combinations, and grammar.

  1. iTranslate. The last translation application we’ll be reviewing today is iTranslate with its 101 languages ​​available. All important phrases for different occasions are immediately available in this application. However, to start using it, you need to download it to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The application is available for iOS and Android users.

Find the Best Translation App For You

Auto-translators are firmly entrenched in modern life, and it’s hard to even imagine how we used to do without them. Current neural networks and artificial intelligence, which are constantly refining algorithms, have taken automatic translation to a whole new level. And although online translation has not supplanted human translators, it has significantly facilitated their work. With a few good modern translation apps installed onto our phones, we can navigate through virtually any scenario without language knowledge, which is impressive and of course, super handy!


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