6 Trending Online Courses for Future Entrepreneurs

As a student, you may feel that your major doesn’t provide all the relevant sources and information. It signifies that you should start taking matters into your own hands and look for additional courses. Attending online courses that boost your confidence and give you more insights into following your passion is always a good idea. It diversifies your resume and gives you more credentials for future endeavors.

Don’t hesitate to sign up for the best upcoming online courses while you can. As you balance your job, social life, and studying, prioritize your goals. Take advantage of qualified essay writers’ support to help, opt for more sleep instead of partying all night long, and narrow your focus on knowledge. Ultimately, it benefits you greatly, and you can be more flexible with your plans. 

6 Trending Online Courses for Future Entrepreneurs

How to choose the best course online?

You can find tons of courses online, some looking legitimate, others less trustworthy. Always look at hosting institution credentials. Pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Check the platform that fits your requirements.
  • Learn about school or university accreditation. 
  • Examine course description and content.
  • Make sure the course offers core skills relevant to your interests in entrepreneurship.
  • Read course reviews and ratings, and pay attention to each feedback.
  • Ensure that course provides you with a legit certificate. 
  • Choose a course that offers you flexibility and a reasonable price.
6 Trending Online Courses for Future Entrepreneurs

Are online courses better than a degree?

Online courses do not substitute for higher education. Yet, they are a powerful tool to expand your future career horizons. You get more skills and practical knowledge that empowers you to push your ideas forward. On the other hand, not all online courses are equally well-developed, and you have to spend some time finding the one that suits your needs.

Entrepreneurship Specialization, Coursera

The Wharton Online Entrepreneur Specialization is a five-course series about building and running your business. It gives you a set of tools to pinpoint your plans and opportunities in the world of business. It is a complete beginner-friendly course that doesn’t require any background knowledge.

Learn with five experienced professors who will introduce you to the world of innovation, current business challenges, and an understanding of how to address common issues. Entrepreneurship Specialization with Coursera is about real-world knowledge and challenges with opportunities to grow and start your business. The full course will cost you $450, with a Coursera Plus subscription at $75 per month.

Becoming an Entrepreneur, edX

Instructors from MIT and LaunchX developed this course for those compelled to learn more about entrepreneurship. It is suitable for people of any background and skill level and gives you all the tools to discover business opportunities. It is a good start for anyone who wants to understand what entrepreneurship is all about.

Learn how to perform market research and logistics, and pitch your ideas to your investors and customers. Get a real-life perspective on how people run their businesses, with no myths or false promises. You can access the audit track for the course for a limited period for free or purchase a verified track for unlimited access for $69, with a certificate.

Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action, FutureLearn

It is one of the top-rated courses for would-be business owners for its fast pace and top-notch materials. Here, you learn the start and end process of creating pitches and putting the plan into reality. It includes insights, materials, and answers to challenges new entrepreneurs come across when starting a company.

You will work with instructor Sabrina Mistry from King’s College London through the selection of lessons and materials to create a self-development plan and build your brand. You can access Entrepreneurship: From Business Idea to Action materials for free for four weeks. Yet, if you want to have a certification, you need to subscribe to the FutureLearn Unlimited plan for $182 per year or buy the course for a one-time payment of $75.

U.S Startup & Small Business Registration And Business Law, Udemy

Having a versatile background is perfect for an aspiring entrepreneur. You can focus on courses that provide information about all nuances and hidden aspects of starting your business. Focusing on legal factors can save you from unforeseen issues, even if you plan to hire a lawyer to help you during the initial processes of registering and obtaining licenses. 

It is a must to understand what approach you need when kickstarting your business. You can also learn how to be a better employer and avoid unethical practices in the first place. You can buy this course separately for $19.99.

Startup School, Y Combinator

Startup School is different from the standard online courses you can find on educational platforms. Y Combinator offers a selection of video lessons and discussions that inspire and give more context to business owners. It includes insights from experienced experts, owners, and specialists who build company cultures.

The course lasts 8 weeks and provides you with enough materials on various aspects of growing and establishing your niche and organizing your company. Y Combinator is a free platform that you can join at any time.

Entrepreneurial Finance, MIT OpenCourseWare

Entrepreneurial Finance from MIT OpenCourseWare is an example of an advanced course for those who finished introductory and medium courses about entrepreneurship. This course addresses financing and looking for outside investments, main financial challenges, and other aspects essential for any business. It also provides you with the structure of the private equity industry analysis and other tools to understand the market better.

It is a must for everyone who has figured out the essentials of building your brand and plans. The course is free as MIT OpenCourseWare aims to provide undergraduate- and graduate-level courses openly available for anyone.

The bottom line

The road to success is long and takes a lot of patience and knowledge. Take those courses that help you feel comfortable and explore your business opportunities from various perspectives. Don’t focus solely on building ideas but on legal, financial, management, and other aspects to give your best.