articulated koi fish pendant 925 sterling


articulated koi fish pendant   925 Sterling Silver Bijoux Necklace pendant only  Accessories Gift For Ts Woman & Men

Antique Silver Articulated Fish Pendant – Cloisonne Purple and Turquoise Enamel …. Vintage  Koi fish pendant,1980s pendant , enamelled pendant

Vintage Large Articulated Koi Fish Pendant Cloisonne Chinese Oriental Enamel Japanese Jointed Movable Ornament. Vintage Large Articulated Koi Fish

Vintage Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Large 3″ Koi Fish Pendant. $35. 0 bids. Beautifully made. It all moves. Mostly green with a very large orange

Vintage Enamel Fish Charm Green Goldfish Koi Pendant. ohmymilky … Vintage 1970s classic metal articulated fish pendant necklace – gold or silver.

Check out our articulated fish pendant selection for the very best in unique or custom, . Vintage Enamel  Fish Charm Green Goldfish Koi Pendant.

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Articulated koi fish pendant People also ask

What is articulated jewelry?
Articulated Jewellery is having two or more sections connected by a flexible joint.

What does a fish necklace mean?
The significance of fish pendant in feng shui is wealth and abundance. In addition, fish has ability of fertility.

Wearing fish pendant (fish pendant) is believed to bring chance of getting wealth. This jade fish pendant (fish necklace) is made of jade and has adjustable length.

What does the fish symbolize in Chinese culture?
The significance of fish in Chinese culture. Fish is considered a lucky symbol in Chinese culture.

The Mandarin word for fish 鱼 (yu) shares a similar pronunciation as 余 which means surplus or abundance. Due to the homophony, the Chinese tend to equate fish with these auspicious traits.


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