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chinese calligraphy painting fish 9 beautiful Chinese

calligrapy painting 2 kohaku, 2 chagoi, 3 hariwake and 2 shiro utsuri

Koi fish painting koi painting chinese koi art 9 beautiful koi fish feng shui 3 Pieces cuadros paintings chinese koi art Calligraphy Bamboo


Print is not framed. This reduce extra costs for buyer; and buyer will be able to mount, mat and frame of their own personal choice.

1.The painting is not handmade,it is printed by machines .

2.The painting is without framed , It’s only print pictures .

3.The package is roll with hard pipe .

Material: Polyester/High Quality Canvas
Environmental friendly oil ink

Size is 30×30 inches

meaning of bamboo in calligraphy paintings

Bamboo’s Meaning. In ancient China, bamboo represented the Confucian value of moral virtue. …

Traditional bamboo paintings are both a type of painting and a type of calligraphy.

They are made using the same type of ink and the same strokes as
used in Chinese calligraphy for writing Chinese characters.

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well packaged and preserved nicely, beautiful koi fish painting

perfect for birthday and Christmas gift for a koi fish lover friend.

This 9 koi fish feng shui painting have gorgeous details, unique and beautiful

You will love the bright and vibrant colors of this koi fish painting

Koi in Feng Shui Koi can be represented in interior design with
koi artwork such as koi fish paintings, photographs or sculpture.

Its placement is said to attract auspicious plenty and prosperity
into your home and life and some opt to have many representations of this fish.

Koi can be included in a home either in a pond or very large aquarium.

If you are considering raising a koi on your own, be sure that you
always usher auspicious energy your way by keeping the water
fastidiously clean and well-filtered and by ensuring they have
ample space to swim and grow.

What does Koi Fish Canvas Painting represent in Fengshui?

Going by the saying, Koi fish are very brave by nature and thus they
represent courage and determination.

They fight their way upstream to achieve their target. It is said that this action of the Koi is analogous to human suffering and the toil which human’s see in their lives.

These attributes of the Koi fish are seen in many humans who are
extremely driven by nature and want to make something of their
lives or achieve certain goals.

Another very important thing that Koi fish stand for is status and wealth.

In Chinese culture Koi fish represent ‘abundance .Koi fish paintings
can attract flow of wealth and luck if placed at appropriate places in the home or business.

Apart from the fact that they beautify the house, a lot of people
believe in the Koi’s abilities to ward off bad omen and attract wealth and happiness.

The Japanese and the Chinese strongly believe that
a Koi fish Painting at home can bring good fortune and good health to the owner.

What kind of Koi Fish Painting is Ideal?

If you wish to have luck and wealth on your side, then a painting of eight red and white Koi Fish is ideal.

The number eight stands for prosperity in feng shui practices. Red koi symbolizes true love while white on the other hand is a symbol of progress in career.

So, a painting with red and white color koi fish will result in perfect
balance and harmony in your family as well as professional life.

Why you should consider adding koi fish painting at your home?

Koi fish symbolize courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to
meet the highest goals, and strong character.

It is said in the legend that a Koi swims up rivers and climbs
waterfalls with bravery and overcome all the obstacles to reach the
summit and turns into a beautiful dragon.

it is said that if a Koi is caught, it will lie still beneath the knife,
facing its death bravely like a Samurai facing a sword.

Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional
painting techniques such as watercolor, oils, impasto, etc.
applied using digital tools by means of a computer,a digitizing
tablet and stylus, and software.

Traditional painting is painting with a physical medium as
opposed to a more modern style like digital.

Digital painting differs from other forms of digital art,
particularly computer-generated art, in that it does not involve the
computer rendering from a model.

The artist uses painting techniques to create the digital painting on the computer.

All digital painting programs try to mimic the use of physical
media through various brushes and paint effects.

Included in many programs are brushes that styled to represent
the traditional style like oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, pen and
even media such as airbrushing.

There are also certain effects unique to each type of digital paint
which portray the realistic effects of say watercolor on a digital ‘watercolor’ painting.

In most digital painting programs, the users can create their own
brush style using a combination of texture and shape.

This ability is very important in bridging the gap between
traditional and digital painting.

Digital painting thrives in production art. It is most used in conceptual design for film, television and video games.

Digital painting software such as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop,
ArtRage, GIMP, Krita and openCanvas give artists a similar
environment to a physical painter: a canvas, painting tools, mixing
palettes, and a multitude of color options.

There are various types of digital painting, including impressionism, realism, and watercolor.

There are both benefits and drawbacks of digital painting.

While digital painting allows the artist the ease of working in an
organized, mess-free environment, some argue there will always be
more control for an artist holding a physical brush in their hand.

Some artists believe there is something missing from digital
painting, such as the character that is unique to every made object.

Many artists post blogs and comment on the various differences
between created work and created artwork

chinese calligraphy painting fish

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chinese calligraphy painting fish

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