indian almond leaves


indian almond leaves 20pcs high quality Natural leaves almond tree,Indian almond tree
Olive leaf for aquarium water to balance PH Acidity

Size: as shown
The most natural acid effect.
Helps control the reproduction of moss.
Color: brown

Effectively help and prevent bacterial infections.

Naturally lustrous color and fish color are stable.

Promote the ability of fish to reproduce.

Weight: 50-60 g = about 20 pieces

Material: leaves

How to use:
1. This magical leaf can be placed in any filter, filtration system or
water and replaced every two weeks. Note: The water after using the leaves is weakly acidic and pale yellow.

2. Put a leaf in 10 to 15 liters of water to keep the fish active and healthy. Extend the cycle of changing water every other day to every 6-7 days. Leaves can be kept in water for 1 week. It can increase its efficiency in less chlorine water.

3. The blade can float in the cylinder to increase the frequency of reproduction. Because men like to build his foam nest under the dry leaves.

4. We can also use this leaf to treat bacterial infections. Roll a leaf into a small water tank of about 1 liter and change the water every other day to the sick fish. Avoid direct sunlight for a week and keep the temperature at about 28 °C. -29 degrees.

The package includes:
20pcs=50-60g *Leaves (excluding retail packaging)

The leaves are dry, so there is no guarantee that each leaf is a volume.

It is vulnerable to very little damage, but it does not affect anything.
The color and size of the leaves are not exactly the same.

It is difficult to find the same leaves in the world.
Allow 1-8g difference due to manual measurements.

Please understand the high requirements of functional buyers. Thank you.

What are Indian almond leaves used for?

Tantora Catappa Leaves can be added to your aquarium to help create a natural habitat for your fish, shrimp, and other aquarium life. Catappa, also known as Indian Almond Leaf or Ketapang, is rich in tannins with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Use approximately 1 piece per 30L (9 gallons) of aquarium water.

What are almond leaves used for?

Indian Almond Leaves are commonly used for conditioning and care of Bettas. They are believed to aid the fish in a number of ways, they increase fertility, health, and vigour. Reduce Ph in water, aid in the recovery of diseased or damaged fish and the tannin quickly colours the water.


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