koi king koi food growth

koi king koi food growth

Koi King Growth 1kg small pellets

Watch this video of my koi fish they are feed koi king koi food

– floating pellets
– 38% protein (price vs quality)
– Contains spirulina to improve color enhancement
– Guaranteed will not cloud your water
– Balance nutrition to maintain good health and growth

Product details of Koi King Growth 1kg

  • High grade quality koi food which consists of essential nutrients and vitamins needed to keep the koi healthy
  • This also provides steady source of protein, carbohydrates, and minerals
  • Floating Type
  • Small Pellets
  • 1kg
  • TAKE NOTE: The date shown in the packaging is the PRODUCTION DATE not the expiration date. Shelf life of the product is shown at the packaging also. It says: 24 mos.



A growth type basic diet to meet the requirement of all nutrients
Added spirulina supply nature pigment and keep fish’s beautiful colors
Balanced nutrition to maintain good growth performance

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3 reviews for koi king koi food growth

  1. darren

    how much is £££ shipped to uk please gio

    • Giovanni Carlo

      I am going to check it Darren

  2. Katherine iniferio

    Hi sir can i buy koi king in whole sale. Zamboanga city area. Thanks

    • Giovanni Carlo

      Hello mam, hindi ako wholeseller nang koi king mam

  3. Annabel

    how much is the price foe wholesale?

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