10 Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

A dissertation refers to a written document that summarizes research on a particular field. It’s usually a culmination of students’ doctoral studies and the final step of their Ph.D. program. In many cases, it usually consists of mainly practical knowledge that is gathered from different experiments done in the course of research.

Writing a dissertation takes a relatively long period of time and its structure is often challenging to the students depending on their field of specialization. Here are ten tips for writing your dissertation.

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Choose a topic you love

A dissertation is usually a long piece of writing and that’s why it’s advisable to choose a topic that you love. That means that you are well conversant with the topic. It will be a waste of time to choose a topic that you don’t like as you will struggle a lot and get a low score at the end.

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Organize your work

Before you start your journey of dissertation writing, make sure that you organize your work to ensure that you don’t keep on making mistakes. The dissertation usually takes a long time, and if no organization is put into place, you are likely to repeat some points or leave some of them unintentionally.

Be conversant with documentation style

It’s vital that you start the research process in advance before coming up with the documentation style because it will help you determine the best style that you can use. To keep your documentation style, make sure that you have a manual that you can use as often as possible.

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Create a draft

A dissertation is a project of great magnitude and a draft is always essential to act as a guide throughout the writing process. Sentences included in the draft do not have to be grammatically correct but make sure that the final document is well refined.

Have a flexible schedule

Depending on the deadline given, make sure you create a schedule that can fit into your daily schedule easily. Being flexible will ensure that you don’t spend too much time on one part and little on the other end.

Move around

Now that you have a lot of content to write on a relevant topic, it’s vital to understand that different subtopics will vary in the level of their complexity. If you are stuck on one of them, you don’t need to spend too much time on it. Research more about it later when you are more relaxed.

Make use of reference manager

Dissertations require lots of references to the different sites that you have visited during your research process. Using a reference manager will help you keep track of the sites and books that you will need to cite in every section.

Write the introduction last

It can be frustrating to have a lot of knowledge but you really don’t know you can put it effectively on the introduction of the dissertation. Many times, crafting a good introduction has always been very hard for students. If possible, leave the introduction part first and move to the next section if you are stuck with the section. It will save you a lot of time.

Write continually

When writing a dissertation, it’s advisable to ensure that you make it a continuous process. It will ensure that all points flow effectively without being scattered all over the documents.

Reread your dissertation often

Rereading your work will help to notice whether the content you are writing is ok or you are busy churning an empty barrel. If you notice any mistake, make sure that you correct it immediately before moving on to write the other section. Piling mistakes is often dangerous as it will finally make the dissertation appear totally disorganized.


Writing a dissertation is often a lengthy process and it requires you to have an order that you will follow during the whole process to ensure that you don’t beat around the bush. The above points summarize the tips that you can effectively follow to write a good dissertation without getting bored of the process.

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