5 reasons why koi fishes are awesome

Koi fish, also known as Japanese carp, is a fish that possesses an irresistible beauty to those who watch it. It originated from Japan and is considered a cultural symbol of this country. Koi fish appear friendly sometimes, printed in t-shirts, children’s toys, artistic tattoos, and sometimes sacred and respected. Nowadays, Koi fish has become a target of many hobbyists because of its amazing beauty. Here are 5 reasons why koi fish are so great according to James from Aquariumgreen.com

  1. Koi fish helps relax, reduce stress:

By owning a Koi pond in your garden, you have a very good form of stress relief. Just watch them swim, feed them and watch them mature over time.

Today, when society is developing day by day, the pressure on life is also increasing. This is the cause of a number of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease … So you can reduce your risk of these diseases by adding a koi pond to your garden.

See the beautiful fish and the magical sound of water that can relax you. This can reduce any negative emotions, including depression.

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2. Koi fish symbolizes luxury and brilliant beauty:

The Japanese have been very successful in breeding Koi fish into many variations with colorful and eye-catching colors. The beautiful colors of the Koi fish can brighten up your aquarium.

The beautiful beauty and flexible swimming style combined with the aquarium ecosystem will create a unique mark for your home.

The price of each Koi fish can be up to thousands of dollars so this fish also represents luxury to the owner.

3. Koi fish has a long life span:

Several studies of Koi fish show that the longest river Koi can live up to 223 years, it is called “Hanako“, and their average life expectancy is from 40 to 60 years with good care. Therefore they can accompany their owner throughout their life, while other animals have a life expectancy of fewer than 20 years.

The old Koi case is not diminished in value, but also increasingly precious. The longer they are kept, the smarter they are and understand their owners. When a Koi is 8 years old, its length can reach 1m – a huge size compared to the aquarium family.

4. The feng-shui meaning of the Koi fish for your home:

In Eastern cultural countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam … feng-shui is always important. Koi fish are considered miraculous fish that bring vision

prosperity and luck. Japanese mothers often buy Koi carp lanterns to wish their children healthy and intelligent.

Building a Koi aquarium not only creates beautiful natural scenery for the garden but also helps converge the vitality of your home. A Koi pond that sparkles with all the colors in the sun is enough to make the owner’s garden luxurious, classy and harmonious with bold Asian colors.

5. Koi fish is quite a human friendly:

This is the biggest difference between the Koi compared other ornamental fish. When the owner gets closer, the aquarium fish will often stay away, but the Koi case is the opposite, when raised long enough and in daily contact, they will be very brave and close to humans.

People who keep Koi fish often have a hobby of playing with them as real pets. You can put the food in your hand and feed it directly, touch and petting them without fear that they will swim as far away as other normal aquarium fish.

Keeping for as long as you can feel an emotional attachment from this fish. Moreover, the value of Koi fish increases as their age becomes larger.

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The reasons above are just a small part of making them so great.

It’s great to have Koi fish as friends in this life!

After reading this article, would you like to own a Koi fish tank in your house?

Note that, before deciding to raise this fish you should find out more information about them and choose a reputable Koi supplier.

Good luck!

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