5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write – 2022

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Write - 2022
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Have you ever sat down to write something and felt completely blank? You can’t find any motivation to come up with a single sentence that makes sense or communicates what you want it to. Well, you’re not alone. Writer’s block is a state in which you’re lacking the motivation or inspiration that usually fuels your creative writing. To some writers, it may feel like it’s the end of their ability to write even though it isn’t. Here are 5 creative ways to motivate yourself to write.

Set goals and deadlines

Giving yourself easier goals to achieve in the beginning and then moving on to more ambitious projects helps in sticking to the plan. Maintain a daily word count that you can slowly increase and you are guaranteed to feel more comfortable tackling bigger essays or stories. You can note this down in a diary set aside for the same purpose and track your progress every weekend. Another great motivator is a strict possible-to-follow deadline.

Leave the editing for later

Editing is an important part of writing. It makes your piece of writing refined and more legible. A lot of writers get stuck on this step as they try to do both writing and editing simultaneously. What they don’t understand is that editing is a whole task on its own that takes up time and effort. You can also rely on a different person to help you proofread and edit.

Create a perfect space where you can be creative

Every writer goes through a time when they feel lost and are unable to find a good space to work in. Finding a space without any distractions, whether it is in your home or outside, is a challenging task that can take a lot of time. Make sure you settle in a space that is:

  • Away from the TV.
  • Naturally lit.
  • Comfortable to use for hours.
  • Not your bed.

A good choice would be a study desk in a library or a quaint coffee shop.

Stick to a particular time every day

Out of all the writing tips given by writers, this one provides the easiest way of making sure that you pick up the pen every day. If you’re a student, find a time after classes and before bedtime to sneak in some writing. If you’re an employee with a full-time job, make sure to take a break and fill your empty spaces during the day with writing. Whatever it is, reserve a period of time for writing and you will be looking forward to it each day.

Read regularly

An unsaid rule for every writer is to read regularly. Reading helps improve your vocabulary and makes you a better writer. Apart from this, reading texts by authors whose work you like can motivate you to pick up the pen and do the same yourself. Find sources of inspiration and go back to them every time you feel like you’re slipping into a creative block.

Final Words

In the busy lives we all lead today, it can be difficult to realize why we do what we love. Every time you feel overwhelmed and demotivated, take a moment to think about why you write and why you’re so passionate about it. Refocus your attention on the task at hand and think of the bigger picture. Take a deep breath and start typing.

Author’s Bio – Charlotte Banks

Charlotte Banks is a writer of short stories and how-to guides for young writers. She has her own blog where she helps guide writers going through writer’s block. Additionally, she often contributes to Grade On Fire to help out struggling students with writing. In her free time, she loves to read mystery and thriller novels.

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