Can Dogs Eat Fish? Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Not sure if your dog is ready to get introduced to fish in his diet, and is it safe for him? Here are a few frequently asked questions answered about feeding fish to your dog.

1. What are the Benefits of Feeding Fish to Dog?

Dogs love to eat fish just like any other meat. If your dog sufferers from food allergies caused by ingredients like chicken, then fish can be a great substitute. In fact, if your dog has got UTI issues with symptoms like dog pee smells like fish, eating fish can help give them some relief. Cold-water fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammations caused by UTI. Omega-3 also has other health benefits, as described by veterinarians.

2. What is the Risk of Feeding Fish to Dog?

There is no risk of feeding fish to dogs as such, only if prepared healthily. Cooking it in too much oil can be bad for the dog’s pancreatic health. Also, seasoning the fish for dogs is not a good idea. The best way to prepare the fish is to steam it without any seasoning. Also, the bones can be the biggest risk for dogs; hence remove them before feeding your dogfish.

3. What are the Best Fish Types for Dogs?

It is best to feed your dog shorter-lived fish species like salmon, lake whitefish, and Arctic char as longer-lived fish species like tuna or swordfish can contain heavy metal like mercury collected over time could cause metal toxicity in dogs. 

4. Can Dog Eat Raw Fish?

Any raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, which can cause a serious issue to your canine friend. The thumb rule is to cook the meat or fish before serving it to your dog to be sure that the dog is eating a healthy meal. There is another issue with feeding raw fish to your dog. This can make your family members sick too who come in contact with dog’s saliva, especially if you have children at home in their immunity development phase or adults with compromised immunity. Hence only feed cooked fish to your dog. In fact, any meat you serve should be cooked first.

5. Can Dog Eat Fish with Small Bones?

The answer is plain no. Bones can be dangerous as they can get lodged in the dog’s mouth, throat or stomach. It can get painful and can result in a visit to the vet. Better play it safe than be sorry later.

6. How Much Fish Can I Feed my Dog?

Anything in moderation is fine, and the same principle should be applied while feeding your dog with fish. Adjust the portion of your regular meal to incorporate the fish in the diet.

7. How do I Introduce Fish in my Dogs Diet:

Start with small portions to ensure that your dog can digest the fish before really giving it a heavy portion of fish. Do not forget to consult your veterinarian to make sure that you can start feeding fish to your dog.

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