Full-stack Development Courses From Scratch in GoIT Philippines: Overview of Features

Finally, GoIT is now available to anyone who wants to become a developer in the Philippines. If you have long dreamed of attending a Full Stack web development course but want more information about the features, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

From this article, you will learn:

  • Why you should become a Full Stack Developer.
  • What awaits you for online training.
  • What you need to complete the learning successfully.

We will also tell you how to choose the most appropriate learning format for GoIT.

If you want to learn all about IT courses, read through them.

Full-stack Development Courses From Scratch in GoIT Philippines: Overview of Features 1

Five reasons why the Full Stack developer profession is suitable for everyone

We live in Digital Age and no longer imagine life without smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, and other gadgets. Thanks to the developers, all applications work and help us daily. And if we tell you that you can use applications and open sites and create them yourself?! And you can if you get special skills. 

So, here are five reasons why you will fit the profession of Full Stack developer:

  1. You will learn to create exciting and valuable IT projects that will benefit thousands of people worldwide. 
  2. You will be pleased to receive a consistently high salary every month. IT professionals in the Philippines receive 60,000+ Philippine pesos.
  3. Thanks to the constant development in the IT sphere, you can find applications for your most vital qualities.
  4. IT is one of the fastest-growing specialties in the 21st century.
  5. You only need a few hours of free time and access to your computer to start learning.

If you want to link your future professional development with IT, we recommend starting GoIT tech courses right now.

What you will learn at the training at GoIT

All GoIT mentors and teachers are developers who know exactly what you need to teach. An established communication system helps to respond to any difficulties and answer all questions quickly. In addition, students constantly communicate with Client Happiness Managers, who can always help.

Now, we will share a few secrets with you – tell you what’s in store.


You will learn to create a website structure and make it visually attractive using the markup languages HTML+CSS. This is the very first technical knowledge you need to get. During the online coding courses, you will create and back up three projects to your portfolio.

By the way, if you want to get acquainted with HTML and CSS – register for the free marathon GoIT and create your website. In 7 days, you will try yourself as a real Junior developer, in the process of working on tasks.

2. JavaScript

After you learn how to create a site base, the mentors will teach you how to make the site alive using JavaScript programming language elements. At the end of the training of this online Full Stack developer course, you will create one team project.

3. Frameworks

There must be more than knowing JavaScript to become a Full Stack developer. You also need to be able to work with frameworks:

  • React – allows you to automate site and application elements. Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb were created with React.
  • Node.js – will enable you to manage the server part of the project. Netflix, Walmart, and LinkedIn were created using Node.js.
  • React Native – the library that will allow you to create mobile apps on Android and iOS. Skype, UberEats, and Tesla were created with React Native.

After training on this block, you will create three personal projects.

4. Soft Skills

For a beginner, this block is one of the most important because working in IT specialties is very difficult without soft skills. 

Already in the training process, you will have a real opportunity to get the job of your dreams. You will gain all the necessary skills and create your first personal and team projects in 6–10 months. After all, training in IT courses online is different from studying at school behind desks.

Programming courses Philippines: job security

The main attraction of learning at GoIT is not only getting a diploma from a company that has been one of the best EdTech companies for five years in a row. Every student who signs a contract with GoIT is guaranteed formal employment. I.e., you are not just learning but have every chance to get a high-paying job already in the process of IT courses.

While you are studying, GoIT management will show your success to partners. This guarantee is an additional incentive for you. For you, your projects and resumes are directly in the big IT companies that need Full Stack developers. So if you’re new and want to get a job in an IT specialty – learn a new profession at GoIT and get a chance to change your life.