asian crane koi painting


asian crane koi painting

Size 1 Squaremeter

crane meaning in chinese paintings

The Crane is believed to be immortal and is the commonest of the many symbols meaning longevity.

It is a very common symbol and is depicted frequently on Chinese paintings within China. Crane is also a Chinese symbol for wisdom and is sometimes called the “heavenly” or “blessed” Crane

koi fish meaning in paintings

Through perseverance and endurance, the carp were able to become mythical beings. Two thousand years later, the Koi fish still symbolize perseverance and endurance.

The Koi fish meaning is always linked with worldly ambition and achievement. In Japan, Koi are known for their masculine and positive qualities.

3d wallpaper Golden line asian crane koi painting water pattern pine koi folk painting background wall painting wall papers home decor

Style : Modern simple style

Color : As picture

5 Material available: Waterproof silk cloth (Default material) / 3D Embossed / Waterproof canvas/Leather Pattern / Straw texture /

Waterproof Silk Cloth

Usage: Livingroom/ bedding room/ Study/ Wedding House/ Kids room/ KTV/ Bar


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asian crane koi painting more informations

What does the Chinese crane symbolize?
In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tradition, cranes stand for good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.

The Japanese refer to the crane as “the bird of happiness;” the Chinese as “heavenly crane” believing they were symbols of wisdom

What do cranes symbolize?
Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. In Japan, the crane is one of the mystical or holy creatures (others include the dragon and the tortoise) and symbolizes good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.

What do white cranes symbolize in Chinese culture?
Meaning and Symbolism
When it is combined with the pine and a spotted dear is known as the ‘prolonged life’. Cranes with peony flowers symbolize prosperity and longevity, while cranes with lotus symbolize purity and longevity. A crane flying towards the sun expreses the desire for social advancement

What does the crane symbolize in Japanese culture?
In Japan, the crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. As a result, in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture, the crane represents good fortune and longevity. The Japanese refer to the crane as the “bird of happiness”

What does a crane symbolize in the Bible?
The Greeks and Romans believed the Crane to be a symbol of spring and light and the bird was sacred to Apollo. The definition of a Crane is a wading bird with a long neck and legs and a long straight bill

What is the spiritual meaning of a crane?
In many cultures cranes are a symbol of happiness, longevity, and good fortune. In some areas they are even said to be mystical, magical, or holy creatures.

Unlike in Greek stories, the crane is a sign of good luck and good things to come. Seeing a crane animal totem is much more of a blessing than a curse.




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