Kinds of kohaku diagram
Kinds of Kohaku
Kinds of kohaku diagram


There are some kohakus with step type patterns; two step type (Fig  4-11) three step type (Fig 4-12) and four ste type (Fig 13)

Most patterns of the step type are well-ballance, and highly appreciated.

Straight Hi

It is a Kohaku with a Hi patch which spreads unwanted from the head to the tail region.

Lighting Hi

It is is a Kohaku with a lighting shaped continuous pattern (Fig 4-14)

Gotenzakura Cherry blossoms of a castle

It is a Kohaku with a pattern of clusters of dapples which line symmetrically on both sides of the spine ( Fig 4-15)

Doitsu Kohaku Napoleon

It is a Doitsu Kohaku with a pattern like Napoleon’s hat (Fig 4-16)


A pattern with red scales with gold trimmings of a dappled pattern, Gotenzakura is called Kinzakura A koi with this pattern is highly esteemed but very rare.


Sometimes many silver bumps appear on the head They are called Fuji They are beautiful, but disappear after about the age of two.

Shiromuji Plain white and Akamuji Plain red

Both belong to the Kohaku family They do not have any pattern. The Shiromuji is a plain white koi which is thrown away at the first culling. The Akamuji is a plain red koi which has the same destiny as the shiromuji It is genetically called Higoi Particularly dark Higoi is a Benigoi or Hiaka Its fins are red too. A Higo which white fins is called Aka Hajiro

Tancho Kohaku (Fig 4-10)

Kanoko Kohaku Kawarimono (Fig 4-17)

Platinum Kohaku Hikarimonyo

Kingingrin Kohaku kinginrin


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