Dubai to Welcome Tourists For Summer 2021

Dubai to Welcome Tourists For Summer 2021 1

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country with seven beautiful emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, but the most luxurious and largest city in the country is Dubai. Dubai is also known as “The City of Gold” because of its rich, modern, and extravagant lifestyle. Dubai has become a global hub for tourism and business activities. This city is also famous for its skyscrapers buildings, giant shopping malls, Safari desert, amazing beaches and parks, lively nightlife, and many more.

Being famous for all of the above things, Dubai has been visited by numerous tourists throughout the year. This city welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world. Although it is better to visit Dubai in winters due to its hot weather, this city welcomes tourists in the summers too. While travelling in summer, you do not need to stand in the long queues to buy the tickets. Moreover, you can enjoy fabulous beaches, waterparks in the day, and the chilling night of the Arabian Desert at night during your summer trip. Also, for the best travelling experience, you can

In this blog, a short guide about your summer trip 2021 to Dubai is given.

Weather in Dubai

During the summer season, the temperature of Dubai is scorching. The average daytime temperature during May is 37.8 degrees, but it may rise as high as 43.5 degrees by the end of this month. But nights are cold and chilly, as you may expect lows down to 25.2 degrees.

Afternoons of the summer season are pretty hot and dry, while in the evening cool and pleasant breeze makes you feel fresh and calm. This time of the year is drier than usual, and rainfall is also significantly less, so you may experience dust storms in this season too. But one thing necessary is this time of year is best for water sports, water parks, and swimming at the beaches of Dubai.

Dubai Summer Special Events 2021

As the summer season starts nowadays, it welcomes the holy month of Ramadan in the mid of April and proceeds with Eid’s celebrations in May. Dubai offers you a lot of things and events during summer such as:

Holy Month of Ramadan: this month is extraordinary for Muslims as they avoid eating and drinking from day to dusk for the sake of Almighty. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Hijri calendar which starts on 13 April to 12 May 2021. However, the official dates are announced by the moon sighting committee of the UAE.

Dubai to Welcome Tourists For Summer 2021 2

Eid-ul-Fitr: by the end of this holy month, a 3-days Muslim celebration is marked with prayers and celebrations known as Edi-ul-Fitr. The whole week is declared as a public holiday during Eid’s celebrations.

Dubai Comedy Festival: this is also a summer event in the city of gold. Dubai Comedy Festival is an annual event that has several venues across the city.

Ripe Market Season: the ripe market season is also held in summers, and the last market that is to be saved is in May. It is the end of the Ripe Market Season.

Suggested Activities in Dubai During Summer

Some of the suggested activities that you can do in Dubai during your Summer Trip are given below.

Night Cruise down the Dubai Canal: you can enjoy a thrilling and exciting evening culture by taking a night cruise down the Dubai canal along with a fantastic view.

Enjoy a Traditional Iftar: you should also experience a traditional iftar at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for cultural understanding along with Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood.

Dubai to Welcome Tourists For Summer 2021 3

Experience a morning Desert Safari:  mornings are much more relaxed and fresh than late afternoons and evenings during the summer season. For a more pleasant Desert Safari experience, head out pre-dawn for the desert.

Try a Hot Air Balloon: you can also try a hot air balloon experience to get a unique and unforgettable experience.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah: exploring Souk Madinat Jumeirah and its traditional Arab designs is also a great experience. It has beautiful waterways, including excellent views back to the Burj Al Arab.

Things to do in Dubai during Summer

Here is a list of some best things to do in Dubai during your Summer Holidays

Enjoy Ski at Ski Dubai: a human-made snow world located inside the Mall of Emirates where you can enjoy skiing. It is one of the most famous things to do in Dubai during summer as it makes it impossible to ski in the desert. Its price starts from AED 250.

Visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: Dubai aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium globally, with thousands of animals. It introduces the visitors and tourists to the most fascinating and dangerous predators and animals, including sharks and alligators.

Go for exciting rides at IMG Worlds of Adventures: it is the number one indoor activity in Dubai that saves visitors from the burning sun of summer. You can take their amazing rides as it is one of the most entertaining summer activities in Dubai. Its price starts from 250 AED and more.

Visit Dubai Mall: this shopping mall of Dubai is among the largest shopping malls in the world. It has about 1200 stores and 120 restaurants and cafes. This mall offers you all the brands with all of their accessories. And Dubai Mall is also home to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo as they are located on its ground floor.

Dubai to Welcome Tourists For Summer 2021 4

Visit Dubai Dolphinarium: it is a park where people of all ages can enjoy and get excited. This park offers you many thrilling activities like the dolphin and the seal show, creek park show, and swim with the dolphin’s show. Its ticket price starts from 400 AED.

Moreover, you should book a car for easy travelling in Dubai. Try to get a vehicle from if you will stay for a month or so.


Some of the best things and activities to do in Dubai during your summer trips are mentioned above. You can undoubtedly visit Dubai during summer vacations with your friends and family, as Dubai always has many more for you regardless of the time and season.

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