how to introduce new koi to pond How to Introduce A New Koi Fish into Your Pond – Key Concerns

how to introduce new koi to pond Don’t know how to introduce a new koi fish into your pond? In our guide, we’ll explain how to do it with care. Moreover, it is very crucial that you know the right steps for adding another koi fish to the pond.

Introducing New Koi to Your Pond · 1. Select Your Fish Carefully · 2. Quarantine All Fish · 3. Add Only A Few Fish At A Time · 4. Add Your Fish To The Pond

A sudden change in temperature can shock a koi fish which will cause stress and weaken their immune system, so when you introduce a new koi .

how to introduce new koi to pond How to Introduce A New Koi Fish into Your Pond – Key Concerns 1

As well as, if you don’t handle the koi fish with care, it can ultimately die in a short time. Other than that, koi fishes need the right water temperature to survive.

So what is the right way to introduce a koi fish into your pond? Let’s figure it out. Keep Scrolling.

5 Factors on How to Introduce A New Koi Fish into Your Pond Safely

Releasing a fish in a pond is tricky, that most people out there don’t know. Below we’ll tell the 5 factors to acknowledge on how to introduce a fish to a pond. Read on!

1.     Quarantine the New Koi Fish in A Pond koi quarantine tank

If you already have the koi fishes but want more to fill the pond? Do not directly add the new koi fishes with the other fishes in the pond. It is essential that you keep the fresh koi fish separately in the pond for some time.

Fishes are prone to die when they are taken out of one environment to another. Moreover, you have to be very careful while taking out the fish from one water bag and pouring it in the other. Besides, you need to ensure that the fish is healthy.

Additionally, ask the buyer about the health of fish. When you buy several fishes, there are chances that the seller might add some non-healthy fishes to your cart. To inspect the health of fish before making the investment.

Many people ask that can I put a koi fish straight into a pond? It will be a complete fail. So never do it. Also check out the best pool vacuum reviews by The Home Beasts.

koi quarantine tank

How big does a koi quarantine tank need to be?
In our view your quarantine facility should be minimum 500 gallons and preferably 1000 gallons with temperature control and a mature filter. Setting up you quarantine facility 2 weeks before the fish are due to arrive is asking for trouble.

How To Setup Koi Quarantine Tank System
Add 3 lb salt/100 gal water to quarantine tank (0.3% salinity).
Observe new Koi carefully to assure it doesn’t develop disease for 14–21 days.
If your quarantine tank has a filter, please feed the Koi lightly.

How long should you quarantine koi?
30 days
The minimum quarantine period for new koi should be 30 days. This needs to be in an isolation tank, hospital tank or separate pond far enough away from the main pond that water cannot splash from one to the other.

2.     Monitor the Water Temperature

The next and most crucial thing while adding a koi fish to the pond is to monitor the water temperature. You have to match the water temperature in which the fish was floating before. After that, you have to ensure the temperature of the room where you will keep them is normal.

For instance, use a thermometer to check the water temperature. The water temperature difference where they were before and after could lead to a high amount of stress and even die. Moreover, to avoid stress, you can add the pond salt.

Furthermore, you have to add some slime coating in the pond, which will help the fish to stay healthy. In fact, pond salt can reduce stress after being added to a new pond. You must buy a thermometer for preparing a pond for koi fish.

3.     Clean the Pond

Thirdly, you have to detoxify the pond. Make sure there is no chlorine in the water of the pond. Additionally, there should not be any ammonia in the water, and you have to add some new plants in the water. The plants in the pond should have iron so they can be the best fertilizer for the fishes.

It is not harmful to have the bacteria in the water but in the right amount. The bacteria in the pond will keep the water clean as well as safe for fishes.

4.     Rightly Remove and Acclimate The Fish

When you remove the fish from one pound to another, you must remove them with care. In addition, you have to dechlorinate the pond. You can also let the fish bag float on the pond’s top level for some time before releasing them into the pond.

The fishes will not face a direct shock when you add them to a new pond. It is necessary that you feed the fishes one time, and they should not be over-fed because they have sensitive metabolism. Do not feed the fishes right after adding them to the pond.

5.     Keep an Eye On The New Koi Fish

You are not done yet! Keep an eye on the new koi fish. In fact, the koi fish should be healthy, and after adding them to the pond with other fishes, you have to take care of them. No doubt, the koi fishes are friendly, and they will adjust to the new environment.

However, sometimes the new koi fishes try to jump from the pond, and it can cause their death. So be careful!

How to Feed the Fishes?

Fishes don’t need a lot of food, and you have to feed them in little quantity only. Besides, it is good if you feed the fishes one time in a day only. A high amount of food will increase their metabolic rate, and they will be in trouble later.

Other than that, you should not feed the fishes in the pond when the water temperature is lower than 50 degrees F. You have to check the temperature of the pond from its thermometer before feeding the fishes.

In addition to it, you have to keep the food of fishes in a dry place, and there shouldn’t be any moisture in it. When the winter is rising, you have to buy cold water food for fishes.

how to introduce new koi to pond Final Words – Wrapping It Up

These instructions in our review are pretty easy to follow. Moreover, if you don’t remember them, then note the important points. We bet you will not have any difficulty to introduce a new koi fishes with others in the pond after reading our guide.

Ensure that you don’t miss any of the steps in our review. So just buy another koi fish and wash them in your pond, swimming peacefully. If you find our guide on how to introduce a new koi fish into your pond safely helpful, then share it with your other fish lover friends.

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