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Kujaku Koi
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The Kujaku is a metallic or Ogon koi with the reticulated net-like pattern of the Asagi on its back.

This is overlaid with either a gold, yellow, orange or red Kohaku-type pattern creating a striking effect. Created by crossing a Goshiki with a Hikarimuji, its full name is Kujaku Ogon, or in English, “Peacock”

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long fin doitsu kujaku koi
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doitsu kujaku

This is unpredictable
In Kujaku the difference is huge. Since doitsu means scaleless, and one major defining variable in the Kujaku is the net pattern on the scales, how can there even be a Doitsu KujakuBlack can still appear on the skin, which would still qualify it as a Kujaku, but it is not usually very appealing.
The aristocrat of Hikarimoyo is the metallic Sanke known as Yamatonishiki. … Kujaku, or Kujaku Ogon as they are still sometimes known, are highly regarded by the Japanese, as the patterning on a good specimen can rival that of Go Sanke. … Chief among these are dark lines running from the eyes down to the nose 

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