The Main Criteria for Choosing an Aquarium

The Main Criteria for Choosing an Aquarium
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An aquarium is where you can breed ornamental fish or other aquatic animals. They differ in volume, shape and can be equipped with additional accessories: covers with built-in lighting, filter and compressor, which will saturate the water with oxygen. And since there are many aquariums in the market, choosing the right product is as random as gambling at the best online casino. Want to make your shopping easier? Then consider these criteria.

Glass Types

Two types of glass are used to make aquariums – silicate and acrylic. Silicate glass is denser and heavier, it’s difficult to scratch, but you can break it if handled carelessly. This type of glass is used to make rectangular-shaped aquariums.

Acrylic glass is softer and lighter, it’s harder to break, but easy to scratch, and over time, it can become cloudy. From this material, manufacturers make aquariums with curved surfaces, which give the container visual depth and volume.


The size of the aquarium determines how many fish and what size can be kept in it. If the aquarium is cramped, the inhabitants will start to compete with each other and will be under constant stress. Such conditions can lead to the death of fish, as well as inhibit their growth and development.

When choosing the volume should take into account the amount of space in the house. A 200-liter aquarium requires a solid and robust cabinet or stand that can withstand the weight of the container with the fish and additional equipment. A miniature aquarium at 30 liters can be placed on the desk.


Classic aquarium has a rectangular shape. So it’s easier to find space in a confined space. Another advantage is that a rectangular aquarium is easier to clean from the slime that grows on its inner walls.

Triangular models can be successfully placed in a corner, and the round will look good on the table.

You can also find oval and cylindrical models, aquariums in the form of a porthole, and other design options.

Round aquariums have an interesting optical effect: when they are filled with water, they work like lenses – through the walls you can see even the smallest fish in the enlarged scale. However, these aquariums are limited in size, it is difficult to find a model with a volume of more than 50 liters, and cleaning the inner walls of the container is hard because of the bends.

Panoramic aquariums have convex front walls – they also visually increase the fish in the water but are more convenient to use. Some models have a front wall smoothly passing into the sides, so the edges don’t interfere with the observation of fish.

Additional Accessories

Cover the top of the aquarium with a lid to reduce water evaporation and protect the fish from debris and dust that can get into the water. Some models have a hatch for feeding the fish, with it, you don’t have to remove the whole lid before each meal.

In the lid of the aquarium complex, a light and compressor is already built in. These options are much more convenient to use: you will not have to look for a place for these accessories next to the aquarium.

Some models of aquariums are equipped with a stand, which will raise the container above the surface of the table.

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